Happy (Early) Birthday Riverbed, You’re 15 Years ‘Young!’



About 6 months ago, I joined Riverbed. As part of the new employee orientation, I was introduced to much more than just ‘here’s your cube,’ ‘here’s the kitchen,’ ‘here’s your badge,’ and ‘here’s the secret to using the elevators in this building.’ What I found the most fascinating was the ‘here’s where we came from,’ ‘here’s where we are,’ and ‘here’s where we are going.’

Riverbed 15-Year Anniversary - orientation

A line that stuck with me during the orientation was that I had joined a ‘billion-dollar startup’—a global company with an established track record, comprehensive service and support, and over 28,000 customers, but also with the agility and excitement of a startup that is focused on transforming the future. I have found that typically you get one or the other, but never both. Not the case with Riverbed.

Did you know, for example, that Riverbed Technology was originally called ‘NBT Technology?’ Back in 2002, the founders scrawled plans for the company on a Peet’s Coffee napkin. NBT stood for ‘Next Big Thing.’ Then, in 2003 as we were close to launch our first product, SteelHead (yes, it is named for the sport fish), we officially became ‘Riverbed Technology.’

Or, did you know that employee numbers are randomly generated because our CEO, Jerry Kennelly, expects new and old employees to be viewed as equals and not ‘ranked’ or given seniority based on a sequential number.

What new employees typically learn when joining any company are insights into the leadership, the culture, the products, and the personality of the company. But all too often, these understandings are limited to just employees and their close friends and families.

A public ‘orientation’ celebration

We would like to change that by pulling back the curtain to allow people to better understand the why and the how behind Riverbed, and the events and personalities that have led to thought leadership and innovations for the SD-WAN, WAN Optimization, and Performance Management markets.

But while history lays down a rear view of visionary execution, it’s the future that shapes the outlook of business and innovation.

It’s appropriate to reflect back on the timeline from past-to-future of Riverbed as we kick off celebrations of Riverbed’s foundation back on May 23, 2002. This year, 2017, Riverbed will be 15 years ‘young.’

Riverbed 15-Year Anniversary - New San Francisco HQ

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing facts and photos (#ThrowbackThursday), stories and perspectives, and tidbits and insights. Learn from the important people who have brought us this far—Riverbed partners, customers, and employees who have made this journey an exciting one—as well as get glimpses of the exciting future ahead.

Think of this as your own orientation to the company we are proud of—the past, present, and future—celebrating our 15th anniversary. You’re hired! And as part of the team, you are invited to join the celebration locally and remotely across the world.


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