Industry Veterans Comment on Riverbed SteelConnect: ‘This was Extraordinarily Impressive. I Need to Know More!’


Riverbed recently demonstrated SteelConnect to a group of industry thought leaders at Tech Field Day. The response was exceedingly positive. It was validation that Riverbed had successfully extended its leadership position into the Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) market.

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So what was it about Riverbed that excited everyone?

While SD-WAN aims to mitigate complexity and rigidity in the WAN, what about branch LANs and cloud networks? Branch LANs are your gold mines and cloud networks power your business. Without ubiquitous and centralized control across this entire network fabric, aren’t we investing in yet another incomplete solution?  This was one of Riverbed’s fundamental questions when developing SteelConnect.

I had the opportunity to speak to several network architects at ONUG Spring 2016 that ran concurrent with Tech Field Day. Every architect welcomed the idea of a unified control fabric—one that leveraged global policy to manage the remote LAN, WAN and cloud as a complete whole. This allows you to extend software-defined control on application performance and security down to a specific user device, even if that user travels between different branch locations or works from home. The possibilities with this integrated LAN, WAN and cloud control solution are tremendous. For instance, PCI compliance is now a lot simpler by segmenting away sensitive traffic originating from Point of Sale software on tablet devices at your retail location. Suddenly, BYOD and Guest WiFi have also become trivial initiatives that can cut costs or improve customer experience.

Similarly, with DevOps teams working hard to accelerate application development times, cloud-bursting scenarios are common. Wouldn’t it be nice to make configuration of branch connectivity to IaaS instances as simple as purchasing compute on AWS? Yes, I’ve tried it on SteelConnect and the feeling is a combination of relief and awesomeness! In fact, with auto-VPN, establishing organization-wide secure connectivity is, well, automated.

In this blog, I have only touched on one of the several key differentiators for SteelConnect. SteelConnect has already begun to push the new perception of network management beyond SD-WAN. With workflows that finally align network management with business requirements, you will be equipped to be the enabler of transformation and agility.

The best way for you to experience the power of SteelConnect is by testing it yourself. If you would prefer a live conversation with a Riverbed subject matter expert, please reach out to us and we will be happy to chat.

As we at Riverbed like to say, “The future of your network starts here.”


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