Integrate SteelHead into iWAN for WAN Optimization


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The Cisco iWAN product is best known for its WAN traffic controlling capability and security features. Riverbed SteelHead continues to lead the industry in WAN optimization. What if you could combine iWAN and SteelHead? Just like the Sunday paper, good news is delivered right to your doorstep. Riverbed SteelHead is the solution that can easily be incorporated into your existing iWAN infrastructure.

Imagine the front page headline article:

Both physical and virtual Steelheads can be Integrated into iWAN without any downtime


With Riverbed SteelHead effortlessly integrated in your iWAN environment you will experience the world-class WAN optimization that Riverbed is famous for delivering. Don’t turn to the crossword puzzle yet though, SteelHeads have more to add to this story. SteelHeads also provide application detection and DCSP marking. Now leverage the SteelHeads ability to perform deep packet inspection to detect applications before reaching PFRv3 and NBAR becomes old news, in fact it never even hits the newsstand.

Keep the presses rolling:

This is not the first time Riverbed has been in the press though. For the ninth year in a row Riverbed has been named a leader in WAN optimization by Gartner. Riverbed Steelhead is the Industry’s #1 optimization solution for accelerated delivery of any application across the Hybrid WAN. With SteelHead WAN optimization, you have better visibility into the application and network performance and the end user experience, by combining network, application and end user performance metrics for deep visibility.

Inline SteelHead deployment in Cisco iWAN solution

The solution illustrated above has been tested in the Riverbed lab. Riverbed supports an inline solution architecture, this means there is a fail-to-wire feature so your printing press (network) is always running.

To find out more, or see how SteelHead could help your business, get in touch here.


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