IPv6 MAPI latency optimization


 Not everyone has implemented IPv6 yet, but it’s here to stay – in fact, in North America the last IPv4 address was assigned in June 2013. In keeping with this sentiment Riverbed has now added latency optimization for the MAPI and eMAPI protocols using IPv6.  This exciting addition complements the existing IPv6 TCP level optimization on Riverbed SteelHead through SDR, as well as FTP, HTTP & SSL.

IPv6 –  imagine the possibilities – ‘an IP address for every blade of grass’

IPv6 is designed to accommodate 340 unidecillion (that’s 340 followed by 36 zeros) addresses – a massive increase compared to the 4.2 billion IP addresses for IPv4. This will allow nodes to have their own globally routable addresses and also enables a much simpler address administration. Despite the advantages of speed, efficiency & security compared to IPv4, IPv6 transition has been relatively slow by service providers and network vendors. Even if your organization has not fully embraced IPv6 as yet, it’s important to keep IPv6 in mind as part of your future goals.

Riverbed is leading the way on the WAN optimization front by providing a large set of network integration and management features that are IPv6 compatible, including features such as TACAS+, SNMP, RADIUS and compliance with IPv6 RFC’s.

Consider the benefits IPv6 optimization provides:

  • Network integration in most dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 environments
  • Various GUI and CLI management tools in IPv6 environments
  • Better performance for FTP, HTTP, MAPI and SSL over high-latency WAN links

WAN Optimization vendors know they should be switching to IPv6, but not all are – in fact with the 8.6 release, Riverbed is currently the only vendor in the space to provide IPv6 support for MAPI and eMAPI.  We know that IPv6 isn’t just some flash in the pan and there is no better time than now to adopt it. As your organization evolves to comply with IPv6, you can rest assured that Riverbed is right on track to make your IPv6 migration as smooth as possible.

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