Is it Possible to Have Your (Cloud) Cake and Eat It Too? Find Out at Cloud Expo Asia

Blanco Lam


Asian economies are leading the world in cloud readiness. Spending on public cloud services in the region is set to outpace the global average over the next few years. Governments have made cloud computing an integral component of creating a digital economy … large Asian enterprises are building cloud capabilities to leverage next-gen technologies… and SME’s and individuals are embracing the efficiencies gained from using mobile devices and apps.

In a time where the cloud seems to have permeated nearly every aspect of our lives, it may come as a surprise that cloud computing is still perplexing to a lot of CIOs. In fact, despite its many benefits, According to Gartner, less than one-third of enterprises have a documented cloud strategy.

Most organizations recognize cloud computing as the foundation for digital business. So why isn’t everyone making the leap? It’s because cloud often comes with compromise—a choice between performance or agility, security or operational efficiency, control or flexibility.

When it comes to the cloud, I’m a firm believer that any business in the digital era should be able to have their cake and eat it too. And by that I mean the ability to seize the benefits of the cloud while maintaining unified oversight across your applications, networks, and infrastructure… the power to protect customer and company assets and data… the guaranteed availability and performance of applications and services.

Sound too good to be true? Riverbed is making it possible. Come join me at Cloud Expo Asia in Singapore on 12 October where I’ll be talking ‘cloud without compromise.’ Riverbed will be at Booth J9 showing off its latest software-defined solutions critical to accelerating cloud-first strategies. And follow us on Twitter (@Riverbed) for the latest #cea16 news.


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