Is Your WAN HD-Ready?


SteelHead SD is the full HD WAN optimisation platform

There was a time when you went to buy a new TV you would have to face the dilemma of “should I buy HD ready or Full HD?”.

Where a HD ready set allowed your new TV to accept 1080p HDMI input, it relied on an external HD TV receiver. But Full HD allowed you to simply plug in your aerial or cable feed and immediately gain access to the wonder of 100s of channels of high def TV… But what pressure! Having to decide, should I pay now for something I may never need or save money now and pay extra for the receiver later and have the hassle of two remote controls…

The same was also true for Riverbed SteelHead WAN Optimisation appliances not so long ago, but that has changed.

When Riverbed announced the new SD-WAN platform SteelConnect it brought with it the promise and ability to simplify the design, deployment and management of your Wide Area Network. All through an intent-driven, intuitive user interface. It’s the new world of networking!

But what about the overlay WAN optimization (WAN Op) network that has been in place for years that’s due to refresh? Do you go with two appliances? After all SteelHeads can be swapped 1-for-1 but the SD-WAN edge boxes will be new and will require more planning, likely resulting in a phased roll out.

Unlike back when you were buying a TV, with the release of the SteelHead-SD variant, you can deploy a single platform that can replace your WAN Op like-for-like today and then in the future simply add the SteelConnect SDWAN gateway by way of a software-only update.

When choosing to refresh your existing SteelHead WAN Op network, or even planning to replace alternative WAN Op technologies with SteelHead, by selecting SteelHead-SD you can relax in the knowledge that your network will be SD-WAN capable without the need for extra hardware. A much more elegant solution than my HD TV, set top box, digital receiver rats’ nest currently behind my TV…

Take a closer look at SteelHead-SD here


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