Let’s Disrupt the Branch Office!


At Riverbed FORCE yesterday Geoffrey Moore talked a lot about disruption—investing in it, and deploying it. While the word ‘disruption’ might for some sound negative, when you use it in light of improving on the same ol’ same ol’ ways of doing things—it is a strong positive (c’mon—typewriter or computer…?). 

Riverbed SteelFusion is very much a ‘disruption’ of the traditional ways of provisioning IT in a branch office. It takes the best of virtualization, the best of SteelHead WAN optimization and combines it with new storage intelligence (what we call BlockStream) that lets you move away from heavy server, storage, and backup infrastructure in each and every branch office to something far more streamlined, and far more agile.

This week we are introducing more of our Riverbed customer base to SteelFusion, the branch converged infrastructure concept and what it can do for them from simplifying the branch, eliminating islands of remote office backup, provisioning and recovering in minutes and securing data where you want it—the data center. Already fans of the innovation we brought when SteelHead was first introduced, the folks here with us in San Jose are getting to see all of the additional things that they can do to further consolidate, centralize and simplify global IT.

If you’re reading this and haven’t gone to a SteelFusion session, there is still time and opportunity of the next couple of days at these breakouts:

  • Branch IT Redefined, with Riverbed, EMC and Dimension Data Weds 11/5 @ 8:30am
  • IBM and Riverbed: Improving Data Economics through SteelFusion, IBM Software Defined Storage, and IBM Global SupportThurs 11/6 @ 3pm
  • Best Practice Architectures for VDI – Thurs 11/6 @ 4:30pm

Check out SteelFusion and I’m sure you’ll be motivated toss out your typewriter, get disruptive, and innovate in your branch office!

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