Lights, Camera – IGNITE!


How many times in movies have you seen someone totally stressed out as the file transfer progress bar of their thumb drive or a floppy (yes I’m dating myself here) download seems to be moving at about the same speed of my kids when I ask them to clean their rooms. The bad guys are in the other room and there is still 10 seconds left before the download completes, ‘If only this company had invested in Riverbed solutions I’d already be half way to the rendezvous spot! Curse you latency.”

Okay that’s Hollywood, this is Atlanta and this is Ignite 2016. Be prepared to get your inquisitiveness ignited by learning how Riverbed solutions can spark up your Wide Area Network (WAN) and deliver smoking hot application speeds to Remote Offices / Branch Offices. (ROBOs). With Riverbed solutions scorching WAN data transfer times down to almost zero, latency gets left on the cutting room floor leaving you free and clear to grab that download and catch your secret flight out of town.

Now it’s your time to shine on the movie set, your agent (boss) has just landed you an action movie gig.

Your next missions, if you choose to accept them are:

  • Mission #1 – Reduce Office 365 traffic by up to 97%.
  • Mission #2 – Run Microsoft domain services at the ROBO without a server.
  • Mission #3 – Deliver the ability to deep dive into the WAN and analyze application traffic.
  • Mission #4 – Manage the WAN infrastructure with one solution.

Well of course you accept the missions because:

  1. Your boss told you to make this happen.
  2. More importantly, you have a powerful ally in this production, Riverbed.

No need to memorize the lines of this script, you know how to find your way to the red carpet.

Mission #1 Solution SteelHead SaaS

SteelHead SaaS can reduce Office 365 traffic upwards of 97% and accelerate the delivery of SaaS applications by up to 33x.

Mission #2 SolutionSteelFusion

SteelFusion can run Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, File and Print Services at the ROBO eliminating the need for a domain controller at the ROBO.

Mission #3 SolutionSteelCentral

SteelCentral provides you the ability to dive way down into your application and network traffic giving you complete insight of what is happening on your WAN.


Mission #4 SolutionSteelConnect

SteelConnect is the SD-WAN solution that enables you to manage your WAN with a single console. With its centralized policy-based management, dynamic software-defined routing and single-click cloud deployment your WAN fire-fighting days are over.

Mission accomplished—with such a great performance you can look forward to winning multiple a-kad-a-me awards including best WAN improvement of the year.

Riverbed has been optimizing Microsoft applications and protocols since 2004 so it’s no surprise we are a platinum partner at Ignite. In the cloud centric world we live in now, Riverbed burns the competition with its ability to deliver blistering WAN performance results for all of Microsoft’s cloud offerings including Azure and Office 365.

When you visit our booth #1204 at Ignite we’ll put a little fire under your feet (don’t worry, we’ll have extinguishers). The Riverbed Ignite crew will show you how to land the leading role in the next blockbuster, you will be able to extinguish WAN traffic, deliver blazing fast application speeds across your WAN, identify red-hot network and application WAN issues in a flash and contain the wild fire of managing your WAN.

Ignite 2016 Atlanta, a hot action packed adventure awaits.

Riverbed, Mission Possible. Come see why seeing is believing in booth 1204!

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