Modern Incident Management Key to Top Performing Organizations

Heidi Gabrielson

According to the Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) 2019 research study on 17 Areas Shaping the IT Operations Market, modern incident management is becoming one of the key attributes of top performing organizations. The study showed that organizations that provide context and automation around their incident management strategies report significant improvements in areas such as actionable tickets, user experience, and operational cost.

It should come as no surprise that Riverbed has been steadily adding support for ServiceNow, the market-leading IT Service Management (ITSM) vendor, across our Digital Experience Management solutions. To date, we integrate our device-based end user experience, application, and network monitoring solutions bidirectionally with ServiceNow.

These integrations mean that SteelCentral users can gain consolidated management of IT trouble tickets and support requests. This consolidated management brings exciting new benefits, including the ability to:

  • Achieve new insights by viewing all SteelCentral tickets and support requests together and in combination with other tickets for a complete picture of what is occurring in your environment.
  • Gain efficiencies by managing and collaborating on all work in one pain of glass. This gives the IT Ops team a holistic view of the issues and enables them to better prioritize triage.
  • Speed mean time to repair by automating the routing of tickets and routine tasks; escalate incidents to the correct support teams and assignment groups with automatic triggers.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by continuing to work on critical support cases with follow-the-sun 24-hour care routing.

The following SteelCentral solutions integrate with ServiceNow:

SteelCentral AppResponse

We added the SteelCentral AppResponse integration in version 11.7.0 in June 2019. When AppResponse detects a network or application problem or when there is an issue with AppResponse itself, customers want these incidents sent to the system they use to centrally manage everything—ServiceNow. AppResponse provides a variety of information and populates that information in ServiceNow. This information enables NetOps teams to categorize and investigate problems swiftly.

AppResponse alerts automatically generate incidents in ServiceNow.

AppResponse alerts automatically generate incidents in ServiceNow.

SteelCentral Aternity

Aternity tracks device health problems like application crashes, update failures, memory or disk trouble, hard drive failures, battery issues, and Blue Screens of Death. Aternity triggers a service desk alert when the same application, hardware, or system problem occurs within a specified period of time. For example, it can trigger a service desk alert whenever your ERP application crashes more than twice a day on any device in any location, or when the same device has a system crash (BSOD) more than twice in a seven day period. The integration between Aternity and ServiceNow enables Aternity device health alerts to automatically generate incidents in ServiceNow.

SteelCentral AppInternals

AppInternals identifies application and systems performance issues and provides a variety of information that enables DevOps teams to categorize and investigate these problems. You can configure AppInternals alerts to generate incidents automatically in ServiceNow. Incidents are populated with all the information needed to triage the incident. You can also investigate the incident in AppInternals with one click. To learn more about how this integration works, watch the video.

Where to get ServiceNow apps

It’s easy to get start using the ServiceNow integration. To download the app you need from the ServiceNow Store, simply search for Riverbed and all three SteelCentral solutions will appear. Choose the one you wish to download.

Riverbed Apps in the ServiceNow Store

Riverbed Apps in the ServiceNow Store

If you are using Aternity or AppInternals SaaS, contact your SaaS Admin to configure your Aternity/AppInternals system with the URL of your ServiceNow instance to begin receiving service desk alerts.

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