Monitoring Applications Running on Docker Containers



Continuous monitoring has become an important part of an application life-cycle in many companies, including Riverbed. In a recent visit to one of our development centers I had the opportunity to chat with our dev team regarding the way they use Jenkins and Docker in our development process. It was quite interesting to see how they automated the process of building Docker containers with an application and an AppInternals agent, and then continuously monitor that application while it was tested. This visit inspired me. It was so much fun to see their work that I’ve decided to build a scaled down version of their work, and try it myself.

The result was Jenkins automatically building Docker images with AppInternals agent.


And then test those images to see them automatically report performence metrics to AppInternals.

The example project was posted as a document on our AppInternals community site, which is a great place for learning, conversing and asking questions about AppInternals.

I hope you find the project useful and fun to try!

Read more about Riverbed’s application performance monitoring solution here >

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