Networking Field Day 2017 with Riverbed – Key Takeaways, Highlights and Videos


Networking Field Day (NFD) provides a glimpse into the realm of modern-day networking with leading vendors in the SD-WAN, cloud networking, and WAN optimization space interacting directly within networking influencers and thought-leaders. Over a series of several days (Networking Field Day 14), this group recently had conversations and meetings with Riverbed and others companies in the same space.

Networking Field Day - Riverbed

As a sub-set of Tech Field Day, this recent summit was recorded for others to get an authentic and un-cut view into common questions and insights, as well as concerns and ideas coming from independent leaders of networking around this rapidly growing market.


The format of Networking Field Day typically consists of presentations by vendors interspersed with questions and interactions from the set of independent networking panelists. Panelists during Networking Field Day 14 were (bios come from NFD site):

  • Aaron Conaway (@AConaway) – Aaron has been doing routing, switching, firewalling, and load balancing for 17 years now.
  • Carl Fugate (@CarlFugate) – Carl leads Network Architecture for a large Managed Services provider.
  • Chris Ciborowski (@ChrisCiborowski) – Technologist & entrepreneur helping companies see the possibilities provided by DevOps and cloud application delivery, Docker Captain and CEO & CO-founder at Nebulaworks.
  • Chris Marget (@ChrisMarget) – Chris is an independent network consultant, recovering UNIX sysadmin and protocol aficionado.
  • Denise Donohue (@LadyNetwkr) – Business Architect for NetCraftsmen, Cisco Press author, CCIE, still awed by technology.
  • Drew Conry-Murray (@Drew_CM) – I’m a tech blogger and podcaster with 17 years’ experience covering IT, networking, security, and more.
  • Eric Stover (@Eric_Stover) – Enterprise network engineer focused on data center networks and learning everything.
  • Eyvonne Sharp (@SharpNetwork) – Eyvonne Sharp is a consulting network engineer for a healthcare enterprise where her focus is security and network architecture.
  • Greg Ferro (@EtherealMind) – Greg is a freelance Network Architect and Engineer, host of Packet Pushers Podcast and semi-professional writer.
  • Jody Lemoine (@GhostInTheNet) – Network designer shoehorning enterprise networking technologies into mid-market solutions.
  • Jordan Martin (@BCJordo) – Jordan is a Principal Consultant of datacenter technologies based out of eastern Pennsylvania. CCIE #43772.
  • Kevin Myers (@StubArea51) – Kevin is a network architect that consults globally for WISP/Wireline ISPs and large enterprises.

Each panelist brought unique perspectives and discussion points to the conversation with Riverbed as you can see in the videos below.

Videos & key highlights

An important part of NFD is the documenting of the presentations and discussions. It provides a raw glimpse into many common questions and concerns from networking experts. It also allows outsiders a chance to learn more and become more educated about a space or a particular vendor’s solutions. The event was also live-streamed.

Networking Field Day - Riverbed #2

Below are the videos from Riverbed’s participation in Networking Field Day 14 (courtesy of Tech Field Day).

Riverbed market update with Josh Dobies

In this video, Josh Dobies, Riverbed’s VP of Product Marketing, provided a market update on the SD-WAN space and Riverbed advancements. Specifically:

  • Recap of 2016: Major year of innovation and market traction.  Acceleration and expansion; acquisition of Ocedo; the SteelConnect Roadshow; the General Availability launch of SteelConnect at Riverbed Disrupts NYC.

  • SteelConnect Overview: A unique application-defined SD-WAN solution for connectivity & orchestration across modern hybrid networks.  3 key items: Connectivity (WAN, Cloud & Branch), Orchestration (applications, users, locations, performance & security), and Workflow (cloud-centric, zero-touch provisioning, design first approach).

  • 3 Major Announcements: (1) ‘One-click’ cloud networking (AWS & Microsoft Azure), (2) SDI 5030 (datacenter-class gateway with Intercepter), and (3) SteelHead SD (WAN optimization & SD-WAN in one-box offering).

Direct video link:

Riverbed SD-WAN & cloud networking demo with Hansang Bae

Riverbed CTO, Hansang Bae, provided a live demonstration of SD-WAN & cloud networking with SteelConnect, showcasing its ease-of-use and control, as well as understanding and improving end user experience with SteelCentral Aternity.

Of note in this video are:

  • Transitioning from routing IP packets to routing applications.
  • How to overcome negative effects of latency when accessing on-premises and cloud-based apps and services.
  • Enhancing your security posture using business-based policies, not CLI-based configs.
  • New SteelCentral Insights tool provide ability to see inside a tunnel to understand what the traffic is and what is being moved.

Also in this video, Zee Kallab, Riverbed Technical Director, demonstrates the integration of AWS and new connectivity with Microsoft Azure by connecting an AWS VM to an Azure VM in real-time.

Direct video link:

Riverbed SD-WAN and uour data center with Zee Kallab

Zee Kallab presents how a SteelHead 5030 cluster can be easily integrated into datacenter architecture leveraging its integration with Riverbed Interceptor.

Key items here:

  • Intercepter, a 10-year-old Riverbed technology, can now redirect traffic to SteelConnect for non-disruptive data center integration.
  • Cluster topology is resilient and highly-available with built-in failover capability.
  • Integration with SteelConnect Manager (SCM) maintains branch uplink and which network to traverse.  

Direct video link:

Voice-defined WAN with Hansang Bae

In this video, Hansang Bae illustrates the extensibility of SteelConnect’s REST API with two demonstrations:

  • Ability to bulk-import sites for easy population of a network design using a CSV spreadsheet.
  • Controlling deployments within SteelConnect using an Amazon Alexa skill using just voice commands.

Direct video link:

Riverbed free trial quick tips with Vivek Ganti

Vivek Ganti, Technical Marketing Engineer at Riverbed, demonstrates how easily a full network topology including data center, HQ and branch offices can be deployed in a matter of minutes using the SteelConnect web GUI.

Ganti shows:

  • Ability to set up a live environment using the SteelConnect free trial.
  • Design a network with any number of sites and appliances.
  • Try out ‘one-click’ cloud connectivity into AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Deploy a live network by downloading virtual SteelConnect gateways.

Direct video link:

Riverbed Steelhead SD with Josh Dobies

Here, Josh Dobies introduces Riverbed’s new SteelHead SD appliance which brings together the power of WAN optimization and the configurability of SD-WAN.

Key takeaways here are:

  • ‘SD-WAN and WAN Optimization must work hand-in-glove to maintain app-centricity end-to-end,’ – Dobies
  • 3 editions with worldwide availability: (1) Cloud – AWS & Microsoft Azure, (2) One Box – SteelHead SD, and (3) Dual Box – SteelHead CX 70 + SteelConnect.
  • 4Q16 Customer Stories – Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Retail examples using SteelHead SD already.

Direct video link:

What’s next for Riverbed in 2017 with Kevin Glavin

In this final video, Kevin Glavin, Senior Director of Product Management at Riverbed, provides a glimpse into the product and feature roadmap for 2017.

Highlights include:

  • Converged Management – unified management with SteelConnect Manager: any site, any cloud, and any Riverbed appliance.
  • Path quality monitoring and more path selection options, multi-VRF, QoS & routing enhancements & more.
  • Additional flexibility and HA options.

Lastly, Hansang Bae reiterated the promise and commitment to keeping Wireshark an OpenSource initiative.   

Direct video link:

Want to learn more?

There were many powerful Riverbed solutions showcased in this latest Networking Field Day. While the interactions with the panel of experts definitely assist in achieving a clearer view of SteelConnect, SteelCentral, SteelHead and more, having hands-on experience definitely provides greater insights into the true power of these solutions.

You can have immediate access to Riverbed’s SteelConnect by simply filling out a form, and within minutes, be able to deploy a complex network architecture which spans the globe to truly test out the power of SD-WAN and cloud-networking. Why wait? Try industry-leading SD-WAN technology from Riverbed now!

And thank you to Tech Field Day for managing the event and the NFD panelists for such thoughtful discussions. Until the next Networking Field Day arrives, happy networking!

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