Office 365, at Warp Speed


Beam me up Scotty, the Internet is so slow on this insurgent planet I can barely make any headway on this SharePoint presentation that I am collaborating on with my crew. That crazy transporter, and those crazy little flip communicators. I was always filled with wonder watching the Star Trek crew materialize out of thin air. One second about ready to get pummeled by some wild interplanetary beast, then the next second transported back on the starship with Captain Kirk making a beeline to the cocktail lounge and understandably so, having your molecules optimized like that must have been a tad uncomfortable.

Although the transporter is something that has not made it mainstream, those little flip communicators are now part of our everyday lives. There were plenty of intermittent problems with those communicators over the course of the show however. Transport to 2016, the reality of our current world is that we transport data (and lots of it) over our own galaxy, also known as the internet and just like the problems with those communicators, we have plenty of issues transporting voice and data communications over distances.

Your data at warp speed

The cloud is also part of our everyday lives and it presents such a wonderful opportunity for businesses to centralize, streamline and manage their operations. The shift for businesses moving to cloud based Office 365 is massive and continues to accelerate through the stars. And just like adding another particle accelerator to a starship, there have been industry improvements to protocols and routing to better navigate through the asteroid fields of the Internet. Even with those improvements though, your data still has to traverse through deep dark space avoiding black holes and space junk.

  • What if you could optimize your Office 365 data being transported, travel the most direct route to the Microsoft Space Station (CDN) and minimize the trips your Office 365 data takes through the galaxy thus avoiding all that space travel interference?
  • What if you could see the hidden tribbles (troubles) on the network that your end users are experiencing when using Office 365?
  • What if you could also quickly spin up a defense shield to protect your Office 365 data from the Klingons?

Riverbed SteelHead SaaS enables you to remove up to 97% of Office 365 traffic from your WAN and increases delivery time by up to 33x, engages warp speed. As this solution is based in the Akamai cloud, you also get the assurance that you will be using Akamai SureRoute technology for the most direct route to Office 365 services, full warp speed ahead! An added bonus is that the SteelHead technology that exists in the Akamai cloud requires no maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about increased administration. The asteroid fields, black holes and space junk are now a concern of the past.

How about the tribbles that always seem to clog up the network and find themselves in such hard to find spots? Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity end user experience monitoring solution can detect troublesome issues and give you a complete picture of your end users Office 365 environment. Set some benchmarks and instantly be alerted when the tribbles begin to multiply and take over your network. With Aternity, you will be able to start addressing Office 365 network issues even before the end user can open up a tribble ticket. Trouble with tribbles? Not with Aternity.

To learn more about Office 365 and Aternity please read this recent blog written by my colleague Steve Brar.

Klingons on the starboard bow

Enter the Klingon starships using their cloaking devices to anonymously attack your network. You don’t see them, all you know is that there are particle beam weapons relentlessly firing at your network hoping to find a hole in your defenses to exploit a vulnerability and clandestinely hijack your Office 365 data. Combine Riverbed SteelFusion and Palo Alto and you activate the defense shield you are looking for that will protect all your valuable intergalactic Office 365 data. SteelFusion is the branch hyperconvergance solution that allows you to intelligently cache data center information locally at remote locations in and out of the galaxy. When SteelFusion is coupled with Palo Alto’s Next Generation Firewall security, you form an impenetrable shield to fend off all those unwanted photon torpedoes that are continually bombarding your Enterprise.

Captain, Riverbed has the Office 365 solutions we have been seeking, clearly they are the logical choice for our Enterprise.

For more information on deploying Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall appliances on SteelFusion Edge solutions take a look here.

Now with SteelHead SaaS, SteelCentral Aternity and the duo of SteelFusion and Palo Alto Networks, your Office 365 data will appear to travel at warp speeds, the Office 365 tribbles on your network will be entirely visible and those pesky Klingons will be light years away from getting to your Office 365 data.

Riverbed and Microsoft, boldly go where Office 365 travels at warp 10 speeds.


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