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It’s Halloween again, a time when little hooligans embark on their epic quests to collect more candy than any other kid in the neighborhood. I remember getting back home after a frenzied night of trick or tricking, dumping my collected loot on the living room floor sorting it into two piles, good and the stuff I would attempt to trade with my brother. Even though my brother and I would try and hit every house to maximize our score, there was one house at the end of our neighborhood road we always avoided. The older neighborhood kids would tell so many scary stories about how they saw ghosts and heard screams emanating from the house that we would actually run past it scared out of our minds, and to this day I still think it is haunted.

Is your network haunted? Are there ghosts and gremlins causing strange events like latency and bandwidth issues? Do you consider your branch office network a bit creepy? Sometimes do you hear your down-level routers screaming in the middle of the night? Don’t be afraid, Riverbed makes the un-haunting easy with deployable solutions designed to rid your network of those ghosts and gremlins while improving your branch application performance to speeds that are so scary, your end users will think you cast a magical spell on the network.

It’s time to go trick or treating, grab your friend Riverbed and let’s turn this Halloween night into something Franken-awesome! We will even set our sights on visiting that spooky network neighborhood at the end of road, with Riverbed at your side, nothing is scary.

Let’s go knock on some doors and #hash (smash) some pumpkins

The WAN application delivery part of town we are going to visit this Halloween is the Office 365 Suite. So whether your address falls in Office 365 Business, Business Essentials, Business Premium, Pro Plus or the Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 neighborhood, Riverbed has the solution that will accelerate Office 365 turning your remote network into a SuperWAN. With your newly found SuperWAN powers you will now be able to visit every house in the network faster than a speeding bullet.

Trick or treat

Your trick or treat bag is now chock full of the most popular cloud delivery application in the world, Office 365. Office 365 is changing the way business gets done today. The trend for businesses moving to Office 365 is growing at a ‘frightening’ rate. If you have already moved to Office 365 or are planning a migration in the future, Riverbed can make your Office 365 experience scary-good, we take the fright out of the night.

Trick and treat

Now it’s time to get rid of those pesky ghosts and let the un-haunting begin. It’s no trick, Riverbed SteelHead SaaS can provide your Office 365 environment with scary fast performance. Riverbed SteelHead SaaS can improve Office 365 performance up to 33X and reduce traffic on the WAN upwards of 97%. That is what I would consider an awesome treat.

Please see the Sub-Zero case study here.

The best house on the block

Riverbed was the first house on the block that brought the treat of WAN optimization to the neighborhood. Since then Riverbed has introduced more treats to its solutions portfolio with each one designed to help you better manage your WAN and improve branch application delivery. Think of Riverbed as that house you make a point to visit every Halloween because they always have the best treats on the block.

A Halloween party

Let’s invite the rest of the gang from the Riverbed crew and make it a party.

SteelCentral: Complete visibility into your application and networking environment, call it your APM and NPM ghost catcher.

SteelConnect: The easiest and most efficient way to connect and navigate through your WAN neighborhoods.

SteelFusion: The spooky cool ultimate branch solution, projecting ‘ghostly like’ LUNs from Data Centers to remote offices.

So this Halloween, when those little goblins and ghouls come knocking on your door, treat them to the knowledge of how you turned your Office 365 implementation into a fast flying superhero. That, and you should probably give them candy that will end up in the good pile.

Halloween 2016, Hashing Pumpkins and Optimizing Office 365 with Riverbed.

Riverbed, scary fast!


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