Automatically Provision the Edge—and Fast


Part five of a nine-part series of use cases for SteelConnect

Branch office deployment of infrastructure, apps and services to multiple sites is tedious, time-consuming and costly. New or re-deployments can take months and involve trained personnel with specialized expertise who must move from site to site. The result: downtime in every site as changes, which are prone to human error with CLI, are made, tested, validated and approved. Add the cost of the personnel to the cost of the solution—and you’ve got big opex and capex.


SteelConnect, Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution, is designed to centralize management and provide visibility with SteelConnect Manager’s unified view, so that you can provision resources in remote sites automatically and fast.

SteelConnect provides a menu-driven, simplified design and workflow, global policy that can be easily changed when needed, automation, and real-time visibility and reporting. You simply do not have to think about physical boxes or coding. You use design and automation—with no IT in the remote site. You set up a ‘shadow appliance’—a placeholder for a physical device—and then, based on policy, you automatically provision everything—users, groups, organizations, zones and sites.

Your global policy spans the entire ecosystem removing the need for specific per-box rules / configurations. Deployment of appliances at the remote location can be completed by simply plugging in the appliance—with no help from IT.

The benefit: 

  • Increased efficiency with an intuitive workflow that uses intelligent automation to configure the branch in a quick and error-free way
  • Higher revenue potential and branch agility since deployment is reduced to hours
  • Lower costs with no IT in the branch and, in smaller locations, a single appliance to control and secure connectivity to any network

Leverage SteelConnect, a software-defined networking solution, now for:

  • Ubiquitous and unified connectivity: SteelConnect provides a software-defined and application-defined connectivity fabric that spans WANs, remote office LANs and cloud infrastructure networks.
  • Business-aligned orchestration: SteelConnect bridges the performance gap between business needs and IT capabilities with meaningful visualization of networks and plain-language policies that drive zero-touch provisioning and easy change management.
  • Cloud-centric workflow: Design first, then deploy. SteelConnect enables network architects to first virtually design their environments and networks before deploying a single, self-programming piece of hardware to any remote location. 

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