Riverbed AWS re:Invent 2014 Survey Results: The Hybrid Enterprise is HERE



In 1963 Sweden switched from left-hand driving to right. That they did this overnight (literally) seems unbelievably hard, until you imagine phasing something like that in over a month or two. New signs, new buses, new street marking, new traffic signals – the list goes on and on.

In many ways, IT has faced a similar set of challenges for the past 30 years. Think of the dramatic, game-changing shifts that IT has had to adapt to:  Personal computers, the Internet, virtual computing, the cloud, mobility – the list also goes on and on. The latest addition? The Hybrid Enterprise.

What’s a Hybrid Enterprise? Simply put it is a computing fabric that comprises public and MPLS traffic, as well as apps deployed on physical and virtual servers hosted on premise or in the cloud.

Riverbed recently polled attendees at Amazon’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas to find out the pervasiveness of the Hybrid Enterprise. Riverbed surveyed 230 attendees face-to-face from a wide range of company sizes, clustered around smaller companies of 250 or so employees as well as a sizeable showing of enterprises with more than 10,000 employees. Most of the people who participated in the survey worked in IT development or business-related functions.

The bottom line, the Hybrid Enterprise (a jumble of disparate networks with a mash-up of app deployment models) is clearly upon us and enterprises need to meet the challenges that come with it. The Hybrid Enterprise challenges IT faces are a rogue’s gallery of traditional IT problems.

According to the Riverbed survey respondents:

  • 84% cited reliability as a somewhat to extremely significant challenge
  • About the same number mentioned availability (84%) and performance (83%) as significant challenges
  • Security (80%), IT agility (80% and end-user experience (77%) were also designated as substantial challenges

While these challenges are not new, it is clear that a complex, Hybrid Enterprise exacerbates the situation. Riverbed recommends three tips to help IT manage the disruptions of a hybrid enterprise in our full report and infographic.


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