Introducing the Riverbed Service Delivery Platform


I meet with a lot of Service Provider organizations worldwide, and it is apparent how each is different in their own way and yet so similar in the challenges they face. Service Providers have been struggling to keep up with their customers. Modern enterprises increasingly seek to align their technology spend with the growth of their business. They want instantaneous access to a networking service or a business application the moment they purchased a subscription. They expect services and applications to scale on demand and know exactly how much a change in service subscription is going to cost them.

Many Service Providers have embarked on a journey of virtualizing their infrastructure with network function virtualization (NFV) to address the customers’ changing expectations. While some have seen initial limited gains from those investments, most now realize that NFV alone will not transform their service delivery. In fact, it is likely to compound their existing challenges by introducing additional operational complexity. This is exactly what happened with virtualization adoption in the data center, before cloud came along. Just like cloud delivery model abstracted the complexity of virtualization and exposed only its benefits to enterprises as an on-demand service, a similar solution is needed to allow Services Providers to take full advantage of NFV.

Here, at Riverbed, we believe that NFV is an important advancement but not a final destination. Instead, adopting a cloud-like service-centric approach is imperative in order for Service Providers to evolve and grow their business. Given our heritage of understanding the delivery of distributed applications and close partnerships with most global enterprises and Service Providers, we believe that we bring a unique point of view to this problem. In fact, in the past few months I have spent a lot of time on the road, talking to Service Providers about the service-centric approach we are taking and the response has uniformly been along the lines of: ‘This can truly transform the way we deliver services. When can we see a demo?’

I am happy to announce that we will be unveiling the Service Delivery Platform at the Mobile World Congress next week. We have designed the Service Delivery Platform to augment the current NFV stack with a set of carrier-grade service management tools. We will be demoing how Service Providers can quickly develop, onboard, and deploy new services. We will be showing how they can continuously optimize service delivery with closed-loop orchestration, effectively utilize their existing infrastructure to bring new services and customers online quickly, and expand into new services such as Edge Compute or IoT. Come visit us in Barcelona, if you are around. You can find us in the HPE booth, Hall 3, Stand 3E11. And if you’d like to meet with us, you can send us a request for a meeting.

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