Riverbed SteelConnect SD-WAN: New Powerful Cloud-to-Edge Networking


SteelConnect SD-WAN with cloud, enterprise and edge enhancements

Going to the cloud, connecting to any network and improving end user experience just got better with the introduction of major cloud, enterprise and edge SD-WAN enhancements to Riverbed SteelConnect.

Now Riverbed SteelConnect enables customers to develop new opportunities from software-defined networking solutions for pop-up retail and branches at the edge to flexibly deployed data centers and clouds, including added support for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect with automated “single click” connectivity.

Riverbed SteelConnect also provides other significant SD-WAN technology advancements, including support for LTE uplinks (think mobile banking), advanced routing and data center topologies and ease of operational integration and simplicity.

With support for AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute, Riverbed is delivering more options for customers to securely connect to their cloud resources. And SteelConnect support for LTE wireless uplinks increase network reach and connectivity options for customers.

SteelConnect is the first and only software-defined, cloud-to-edge networking solution that provides unified connectivity, zero-touch provisioning and policy-based orchestration spanning the entire distributed network fabrichybrid WAN, branch WLAN/LAN, data centers and the cloud.

Have cloud networking your way with SteelConnect SD-WAN 

Riverbed support for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect more than meet the needs of large cloud-first, cloud-heavy and large enterprise customers. With integration of these AWS and Azure cloud platforms, customers can simplify and automate enterprise cloud networking with Riverbed’s single click connectivity and performance optimization on private cloud connections, as well as the more traditional MPLS and public Internet.

Enterprise customers can use private circuits to connect to cloud for better performance and reliability and automate cloud connectivity and extend single click cloud optimization over AWS DirectConnect and Azure ExpressRoute circuits. SteelConnect Gateway in Azure and AWS has multiple interfaces and will form overlay circuits over both Internet and private connections.

SteelConnect SD-WAN Improvements

SteelConnect SD-WAN supports private and public Connections such as AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute

Leverage LTE uplink support for unified SD-WAN management 

LTE is a popular network uplink for variety of use cases, including LTE links for back-up connectivity, pop-up stores, rural sites with expensive wireline infrastructure or mobile retail (for example, mobile banking). As result, retailers can improve the customer and workforce experience by eliminating connectivity and downtime issues and increasing productivity, resiliency and agility. With SteelConnect SD-WAN, LTE is managed from the SteelConnect Manager as a policy-based uplink. The SteelConnect USB port can be connected to the LTE Modem. Riverbed supports LTE Cat 2-6 and many LTE modem vendors with official support from Inseego for the Inseego DS2 modem.

SteelConnect SD-WAN Improvements

SteelConnect  SD-WAN manages a software-defined LTE-WAN as a policy-based uplink.


Utilize advanced routing and data center topologies with SteelConnect SD-WAN

With SteelConnect, dual hub support, split site data center, direct/alternate path routing, longest prefix match (LPM) for simplified routing and HA enhancements to the branch gateway enable rapid SD-WAN product integration with existing network environments and support advanced data center/routing strategies for high availability (HA), resiliency and efficiency.

Dual hub support

Large retail, enterprise and service provider customers often prefer multi-hub network architectures over full mesh to handle large scale. SteelConnect Manager for SD-WAN management provides an easy-to-use console, allowing you to rapidly configure a dual hub for scale and network resiliency or a split data center.

Split data center

SteelConnect facilitates enterprise SD-WAN with support for advanced data center topologies, including a dual data center architecture for disaster recovery and business continuity.

SteelConnect SD-WAN Improvements

SteelConnect SD-WAN 2.10.0 makes split data center and dual hub deployment quick and easy

With SteelConnect SD-WAN,  direct and alternate paths for mesh networks support network agility and fast site turn up. You can integrate Internet-only sites with existing dual MPLS-Internet sites and provide alternate paths for resiliency when the direct path fails.

Additionally, with SteelConnect SD-WAN’s new topology discovery capabilities, customers can eliminate operational overhead resulting from statically configuring LAN-side subnets for reachability. The new capability automatically discovers LAN-side subnets and redistributes them into the overlay networks.

Take advantage of SteelConnect’s seamless operational simplicity

New enterprise level advances with SteelConnect allow unified device monitoring and management, advanced visibility and faster troubleshooting. SteelConnect’s SNMP SteelConnect polling integration provides basic visibility, alarms monitoring and fault management with standard SNMP third-party NMS managers.

SteelConnect also enables remote logging for ease of troubleshooting and network monitoring, as well as security compliance. The solution provides local export of Syslog (TCP/UDP) to an enterprise Syslog collector and event logging for all events that are generated from appliances.

SteelConnects’s role-based access control helps maximize operational performance while ensuring network security and streamlined access to SteelConnect resources. SteelConnect’s granular roles with flexible permissions allow you to create/modify/read network, organization, site, and policy attributes.

An expansive cloud, enterprise & edge SD-WAN platform, strong integrations, industry-leading partners

Riverbed SteelConnect SD-WAN with its own integrated firewall, encryption and end-to-end visibility plus zero-touch provisioning and automated single click connectivity to Azure and AWS Clouds and routing of Internet-bound traffic to Zscaler Cloud Security Platform, is a complete SD-WAN solution for enabling digital performance and securely connecting users and businesses to the applications they need, wherever they reside—on a remote LAN/WLAN, in a data center, or in the cloud. SteelConnect SD-WAN also integrates with the market-leading WAN Optimization solution (Riverbed SteelHead SD).

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