Riverbed SteelHead Web Proxy and Office 365 Video make George a Hero



I loved cartoons as a kid, in fact, I still do. One of my favorite cartoons growing up was the Jetsons. I often think back to Mr. Spacely yelling from his office through the big screen at George when he was at home and wonder what kind of internet connection George had? Was his Skypad apartment wired or wirelesss and did he ever suffer from jitter and latency issues? Fast forward to 2016, we now truly live in a streaming world with businesses embracing the internet for all their business communication needs including using online videos for training and educational purposes.

Along with the reality of video delivery becoming an important part of business operations is the the day-to-day realities with modern WAN connections, latency, bandwidth and useage costs. Let’s suppose George Jetson is living in our time and he has been tasked by Mr. Spacely to find an efficient way to deliver video content to all the Spacely Sprockets employees throughout the world.

As Spacely Sprockets is already using Office 365, Office 365 Video is the delivery method George has been tasked with implementing. George is concernced about the volume of videos that are to be distributed, limited bandwidth and high latency at remote locations coupled with the high internet useage costs they might incur. George is also worried that with all these factors in play, the overall end user experience might not be satisfactory.

What’s George to do? George does his research and discovers Riverbed SteelHead Web Proxy as the solution for his Office 365 Video dilema. So what is it that George discovered about Riverbed SteelHead Web Proxy that can provide him the solutions to his concerns.

SteelHead Web Proxy in relation to Office 365 Video can:

  • Keep cached copies of dowloaded videos on the branch SteelHead so that subsequent downloads are almost instantaneous and do not require streaming over the WAN to Azure Media Services where the Office 365 Videos reside.
  • Substantially reduce WAN traffic, decreasing useage costs and leaving bandwidth available for other applications.
  • Make Latency concerns a non issue for Office 365 Videos.
  • Provide a rich and satisfying Office 365 Video end user experience.

It is also affordable and simple to implement. The setup requires a SteelCentral Controller (SCC) and a physical CX SteelHead in the branch office(s) that can run the latest Riverbed RIOS 9.2 release and the Web Proxy service.

On the SteelCentral Controller, enable Web Proxy and add * into the Global HTTPS Whitelist (* is the only domain needed to be whitelisted for O365 video caching). Then simply push the configuration to the branch office(s) with Push to Appliances and perform some basic configuration options on the Branch SteelHead.


SteelHead Controller

On the Branch SteelHead, create a Domain Label for Office 365 Video and a destination Port Label. Now create an in-path rule with these settings to direct all traffic to * through the Web Proxy service.

Branch SteelHead

Optionally, you can create a port label to include both HTTP(TCP/80) and HTTPS (TCP/443) traffic.

Next, create an in-path rule to optimize Office 365 video. An additional pass through rule would also need to be added to bypass all other TCP/443 traffic if TCP/443 is removed from the default ‘Secure’ port label.

The final step is to make sure that the clients accessing the Office 365 Videos have the SteelCentral Controller CA certificate installed on their local systems.  The CA certificate should be imported to the client certificate store as a trusted certificate authority

SteelCentral Contoller

The clients will now be accessing Office 365 Videos via the SteelHead Web Proxy.

Spacely Sprockets users will see optimization results for Office 365 Videos upwards of 100%.

Mr. Spacely will be thrilled with the overall results and might even give George an extra day off. An extra day off? Well, maybe.

Here’s more information on Office 365 Video and more details on domain labels.



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