Riverbed & SAP: Certified!


Trees are the biggest plants on the planet— they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil, and give life to the world’s wildlife. When we hear the word ‘sap’ we think of that sticky fluid contained in these trees—the mechanism used to transport water and nutrients throughout the plant. Well, there is another kind of sap, capitalized and not read as an acronym. SAP (Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung) is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Together with Riverbed, SAP applications will have LAN-like speeds over your WAN, whether you are transferring data to/from a physical Data Center or one in the cloud.  

A better end-user experience for HTTP-based applications? How does Riverbed do it?

Riverbed’s Optimization System (RiOS®), the software that powers SteelHead, utilizes a combination of four technologies to boost WAN performance:

  1. Data streamlining – removes bytes from the WAN that have been sent in previous transactions
  2. Transport streamlining – makes TCP more efficient, which means fewer round trips and data per trip.
  3. Application streamlining – designed to reduce chattiness of each protocol
  4. LZ compression – payload compression for any traffic sent out over the WAN

As an SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development Partner, Riverbed was certified in April 2016 for integration with the following SAP integration scenario:

Wide Area Network Connectivity – Network Performance for SAP On-Premises and Cloud Solutions (NETWK-PERF 2.0)

This certificate confirms the existence of product features in accordance with SAP certification procedures and covers the following certified general functions:

  • Functional correctness
  • Performance preservation
  • Secure, encrypted communication
  • Performance Enhancement

During the certification process, Riverbed’s four optimization technologies were shown to reduce HTTP traffic over the WAN by over 98%. These numbers represent a huge savings in terms of productivity when employees are working over the wide area with inherent latency and/or bandwidth restrictions…but it doesn’t end there.

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Let SteelCentral help!

Trees are beautiful objects but only if you can see them! Visibility is paramount, and that goes for your network as well. With SteelCentral, Riverbed offers integrated visibility, which in turn enables faster and more effective troubleshooting with end-user experience visibility into SteelHead-optimized and non-optimized applications​. In addition to application visibility, you can generate reports on network infrastructure, compute, and transaction behavior analytics. With SteelCentral, pinpoint trouble areas in your network faster and increase business efficiency along the way.

Money does not grow on trees

Riverbed delivers application acceleration, network optimization, and visibility into detailed performance information spanning all areas of the application environment including a real-time detailed picture of the state of underlying components, end-user experience and benchmarks of overall quality. While SteelHead will speed up your applications over the wide area, SteelCentral will mitigate performance constraints better and faster. All this results in saving you time, and time is money.

There is an old saying about that asserts, ‘He who plants a tree, plants a hope.’ Consider SAP the tree and Riverbed the hope. With SteelHead WAN optimization appliances, SAP’s HTTP-based applications can be optimized for a better overall end-user experience. Let Riverbed ‘give life’ to your SAP applications via WAN optimization.

For a better understand of WAN optimization, please watch this video. Click here for more information about the Riverbed/SAP certification.


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