Service Provider Challenges



Service provider business model is changing as enterprise customers expect on demand self-service and instant order fulfillment they’re accustomed to by their cloud and SaaS providers. Inflexible contracts and static service portfolios with 18 months’ cycles are a thing of the past. The key challenge most service providers face today is how to increase the agility of their infrastructure to keep up with the agility of their business. The characteristrics of a future proof service infrastructure include:

  • Just-in-time service delivery capabilities
  • Ability to scale up or down on demand
  • Visibility into service availability and performance
  • Automatic control and optimization to continuously improve the customer experience

With Riverbed, service providers can elevate their relationships with enterprises to a more strategic level by moving away from infrastructure focus to service centricity. Riverbed Service Delivery Platform dramatically shortens each phase of service creation so that service providers can respond faster to the changing needs of their enterprise customers.

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