Smoke on the Water: SteelConnect


SD-WAN in the sky

Deep Purple released one of the most iconic guitar riff songs of the 70s with their hit Smoke on the Water. They were inspired to write the song overlooking the aftermath of a fire that was started by a flare gun in the Casino at Montreux Switzerland where they were planning on recording their sixth album.

Inspiration, it can come from the most unusual places.

Riverbed, since 2004 we have been inspired to be a leader in the technology industry. Starting with the innovative application acceleration solution SteelHead to the current SD-WAN revolution, we set the stage for pioneering technology solutions.

Now on stage; SteelConnect, the inspirational Riverbed SD-WAN solution architected to simplify your network management:

  • Single-click creation of SD-WAN capabilities in the cloud
  • Fully automated secure connectivity between cloud vendors, between cloud regions and between branch locations and the cloud
  • Unified management console for cloud, WAN and LAN/WLAN. Application acceleration,  WAN Optimization and visibility are also orchestrated here
  • Remove the pains of WAN management complexity with cloud-era IT agility

It takes a band

Creating a classic song takes team work. When all the Riverbed players are on stage together, you have the makings of a great performance.

Fellow band members include:

SteelHead—Accelerate fret board action with the classic application acceleration solution.

SteelCentral—Capture all the real time activity down to two hundred fifty-sixth note accuracy.

SteelFusion—Project your concert to the next town, without ever leaving town.

A fire in the sky

So much has changed in our world since Smoke on the Water was released in 1972*. One thing that hasn’t changed is the ability to be inspired. Riverbed has and always will be inspired to deliver industry leading solutions designed to make administering and managing your networks simple.

We all find inspiration in different ways. Let our inspiration to create the best performing technology solutions in the marketplace be your inspiration to fire up the sky and rock your network.

SteelConnect, Smokin Hot

Cloud-ready, rock steady—Riverbed

*Smoke on the Water was released on the album Machine Head in March of 1972. The band utilized the Rolling Stones mobile studio (that was luckily in Montreux) to record the song. You can’t stop inspiration! Here’s to celebrating 45 years of a classic rock song.

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