SteelCentral AppInternals version 9 vs version 10 Licensing

Doug Gribbons


In the last couple of weeks, several existing SteelCentral AppInternals version 9.x clients have asked me about changing over to the new AppInternals 10. So, I went through all the specifics including the differences in licensing between the two versions. So, after going though this a couple of times, I thought, ‘What a great blog entry!’ So, from now on, when people ask, I’ll just direct them to a video!

So, I put together this relatively quick video of the differences between the two. And so, since the questions were related to changing over, I thought I would include a quick overview of the steps you go through to get the new version up and running.

If you were interested in getting up and running with version 10 of AppInternals, I would encourage you to take a look at the associated video. Riverbed is now distributing the Console (previously called the SMP – and now called the Analysis Server) as an OVA (Open Virtual Appliance), which is a tar file containing an OVF (Open Virtualization Format). In short, the file is a self-contained virtual machine containing everything you need; the operating system, all of the analysis operations, the back-end database, authorization sub-system and much more. And the absolute amazing thing is, it is up and running in about six or seven minutes.  As explained in the video, it’s freely distributable! As of version 10.3, Riverbed is also distributing an installable version as well, but I’m sticking with the OVA method here.

So, if you were considering moving from version 9 of AppInternals to version 10, I would encourage you to give it a view!

You can get more information at http://www., and you can sign up and download everything to try it in your environment!


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