SteelCentral NetProfiler 10.10 Receives IPv6 / USGv6 Certification

Heidi Gabrielson

IPv6 compliance enables Riverbed to securely monitor Agency networks

As the federal government adopts innovative technologies to address mission-critical tasks, such as SaaS, IoT and SD-WAN, agencies are demanding more and more from their networks.

IPv6 Ready Logo

IPv6 Ready Logo

With the added strain on network resources, federal agencies are facing mission-critical performance management challenges. A recent Riverbed® survey revealed latency issues and unreliable federal applications are impeding agency effectiveness. This is frustrating federal employees, and jeopardizing the success of IT modernization efforts. A key part of the problem is that many federal agencies don’t have the visibility tools they need to quickly solve trouble areas before they cause application performance issues.

Federal IT leaders need to see the big picture in order to quickly uncover application and network performance problems. When it comes to managing end-to-end network visibility across your agency, SteelCentral NetProfiler gives federal agencies the lens to proactively monitor and easily troubleshoot the root cause of network and application issues before your end users ever know there’s a problem.

SteelCentral NetProfiler’s recent IPv6 certification ensures that the product’s application-aware network performance solution can now be safely deployed in the growing number of environments where IPv6 is in use. This ensures Federal agency core missions as well as the networks and applications they rely on.

Embracing IPv6                                                                                

IPv6 increases the number of Internet addresses, allowing more computers and devices to be connected online, which will support continued innovation in how government delivers services. The use of IPv6 grew by 50% last year and is expected to grow by another third this year.* Support for IPv6 is now required by many governments, service providers, and enterprises.

While the move to IPv6 is now critical for U.S. government agencies with the near exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, IPv6’s security features and other functionality also enables government networks to scale for new initiatives like cloud computing and mobile. As a way to future-proof network infrastructure and embrace digital transformation initiatives, all civilian agency networks are now required by law to be IPv6-capable and to only procure products that are USGv6-certified.


The United States Government IPv6 Conformance Certification (USGv6) is a set of technical standards for the acquisition of IPv6 capable hosts, routers, and network security devices. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created the USGv6 conformance standards to support adoption of IPv6 in the U.S. government.

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) tested all physical and virtual versions of Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler, SteelCentral NetExpress, and SteelCentral Flow Gateway on all fields to confirm they are now in full conformance with mandatory fields and can support deployment of secure, end-to-end, IPv6-enabled network services.

All SteelCentral NPM now certified

With this announcement, Riverbed all network performance management solutions are now USGv6 / IPv6 certified. In February 2017, Riverbed announced that SteelCentral AppResponse 11 received its USGv6 certification. AppResponse 11 integrates with SteelCentral NetProfiler, sending rich packet-based flow information where it can be mix with other flow information for enterprise-wide monitoring. When a difficult problem is discovered, you can drill down from NetProfiler into the corresponding packet data in one click for rapid troubleshooting.

You can find out more about Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler here


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