SteelCentral Story Time



‘Help Your Security Teams Sleep at Night’ provides an overview of how the Riverbed SteelCentral platform can be used to address security requirements. Like reading a good book before bedtime helps you relax, SteelCentral’s comprehensive view of application and network performance adds an extra level of confidence to your company’s security posture.

The platform makes data visible across the breadth and depth of the architecture. One of the key attributes of the SteelCentral platform is continuous packet capture.

We don’t sample, i.e. throw away, information. Nothing is missing. Nothing is hidden. Your security team can audit and analyze this rich, complete set of performance data from multiple vantage points within your company’s infrastructure.

The white paper also explains how to use SteelCentral Platform ArchitectureSteelCentral’s security workflows to build repeatable processes. For example, leveraging the security workflows and built-in reporting makes it easy to establish custom metrics dashboards for your information security team without having to increase your overhead.

In summary, although it may seem a bit too good to be true, this isn’t a fairytale. SteelCentral can augment your security program in a variety of useful ways. Learn how now. Find a comfortable chair and read ‘Help Your Security Team Sleep at Night.’


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