SteelHead SD — a Global Revolution


It’s the year 2004, the Boston Red Sox put an end to the curse of the Bambino by winning the World Series and Riverbed introduced SteelHead,the innovative WAN Optimization solution that would revolutionize the technology industry defining the de facto standard for application acceleration delivery.

2004 was definitely a great year.

2017 surely will be known as one for the ages.

So you say you want to start a revolution

On December 16th 1773, the Sons of Liberty changed the course of American history when they threw an entire shipment of English tea into the Boston Harbor setting the stage for the American Revolution.

On February 14, 2017 in San Francisco, California, Riverbed forever changed the course of technology history with the announcement of SteelHead SD setting the stage for the SD-WAN Revolution.

Let the revolution begin

All of us at Riverbed are proud to be the catalyst for this next revolution. The revolution begins with the industry’s first integrated SD-WAN and application acceleration solution. We merged SteelHead’s unmatched industry leading optimization with SteelConnect’s powerful and easy-to-deploy SD-WAN solution to forge the new SteelHead SD.

The weapon of the revolution

SteelHead SD is the solution you need to conquer all the modern day connectivity and application delivery battles you are faced with.

SteelHead SD provides you with:

·        A single appliance that unifies WAN optimization and SD-WAN functionality

·        Optimization and application acceleration in every type of cloud environment

·        Centrally managed application-defined policies

·        Secure application delivery with integrated firewall capabilities

·        Automated cloud networking with one-Click VPN Provisioning

·        High availability with dynamic use of multiple branch links

·        Bandwidth consumption reduced up to 95%

·        Up to 100X application performance and data transfer improvement

Revolution allies

Allies are important to have in a revolution; they provide the additional resources to create an unbeatable force.

SteelHead SD has powerful allies:

SteelCentral: Unified visibility from the cloud to the end-user. See your entire battlefield end-end. Know when and where your adversaries are coming from, even before they do. From the end-user experience to the code that is stalling the troops, you will have the ability to see it all.

SteelFusion: Think Zero Branch IT and a software-defined edge. Keep your commanders safe at the data center but project them out the battlefield (ROBO) without the fear of losing them. A unique ally that provides the ability to reduce your branch IT costs while at the same time increasing the protection of your data.

It’s time for another tea party

In 1773, sheer grit and purpose turned an act of rebellion in Boston into one of the most iconic events in World history. In 2004 those loveable ‘idiots’ broke the curse of the Bambino in Boston and Riverbed revolutionized application acceleration. Keeping our focus on fast application delivery combined with our commitment to being the application performance industry leader, Riverbed decided to throw a modern day tea party, creating waves by turning out a historic solution to start the next global revolution in 2017.

SteelHead SD, start your revolution.

Revolution-Ready, Rock Steady — Riverbed

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