The 3 Stages for a Successful Merger and Acquisition

Kevin Mcgowan

In the past few years, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has continued to increase across many industries. Performing an M&A can solve a myriad of business problems, from market growth to technology acquisition to talent or resource acquisition. Regardless of the need and current stage of your M&A initiatives, Riverbed’s white paper The Merger and Acquisition Quandary will provide a logical approach to achieve optimal technical and business alignment and performance through all phases of your M&A.

The keys to success

This white paper provides guidance on the three stages of a successful M&A. These will contribute to your team’s technical readiness and skill sets to execute, as well as their ability to effectively integrate to attain the desired technical and business outcomes. The three stages focus on areas that often go overlooked or ignored during the M&A planning and strategies sessions, including:

  • Alignment
  • Audit and Assessment
  • Integration
Mergers and Acquistions: Execution

M&A Planning

This material will help you effectively structure your M&A and address potential issues that can occur. The strategies described in the complete white paper will enable you to assess your organization’s readiness, maturity, and business agility to manage the strenuous demands that come with an M&A. In addition, the insights on balancing both the technical and business components of your M&A can add value to your initiative.

Most importantly, these methods are tried and true. They are the results of hundreds of transformation projects Riverbed has completed for our clients. In our experience, cooperation, persistence, and business savvy are the key ingredients for effectively executing an M&A. If these qualities are combined with the methodologies outlined in this white paper, you can tangibly improve your M&A through reduced costs, accelerated transformation, and increased business and technical IQ of your team members.

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