The Best Insurance Against Cybercrime is Visibility, Optimization, and Control


Insurance companies have started to take a much harder look at the cybersecurity protocols of the businesses they insure. Reuters recently reported that cyber insurance premiums for many companies have tripled this year due to a large spike in high-profile attacks. According to the article and other recent reports, some companies are even being dropped because they are deemed too high-risk.

Other organizations can’t even get coverage. Companies must now demonstrate that they have adequate cybersecurity measures in place before they can get an insurance policy. And when businesses do get insurance, they have to contend with the fact that many insurance payouts only cover about half the total costs of breaches.

The only real way to avoid financial losses due to a breach is to have the strongest security framework possible. But this brings up the million-dollar question: can an enterprise be impregnable without slowing down application and network performance?

Performance and security are oftentimes viewed as competing goals, so compromises get made. IT administrators cut corners, leaving gaps in security—ones they can’t see but that criminals know how to exploit. Yet, both security and performance ultimately come down to the same three things: visibility, optimization, and control.

The Riverbed® Application Performance Platform™ enables all three, so businesses can securely and effectively deliver applications to users, protect data outside data centers, and monitor infrastructure for abnormal behavior — all without sacrificing application and network performance. Case in point: WAMGROUP, a company that supplies equipment for wastewater treatment and renewable energy generation.

‘Our design engineers see the same high-level performance as they were getting previously, but their work is now contained within a more resilient and secure environment,’ says Marco Malavolta, Head of IT Infrastructure, WAMGROUP.

By combining application optimization, performance visibility, and tighter security controls, Riverbed enables IT to enhance business performance while bolstering the confidence of business leaders and customers alike. And in an age of unrivaled IT complexity, being able to quickly spot, respond to, and even thwart attempted cyber attacks provides a certain peace of mind that’s better than any insurance policy.

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