In a Complexity Crisis, the Cloud Hero Emerges



Heroes come in many sizes and shapes and contexts. But, the one quality they all share is the ability to rise to the occasion in a crisis. They may have seemed ordinary all along, but in that moment of extreme need, heroes become extraordinary with seemingly superhuman powers that save the day.

Business needs its heroes, too. Especially in a time of massive disruption being driven by the urgency of digital transformation. IDC reminds us that, while digital transformation is a strategic opportunity, it is also a strategic risk and not all companies will succeed. By 2017, IDC predicts 60% of digital transformation initiatives will be unable to scale due to a lack of a strategic architecture. And by 2018, 70% of siloed digital transformation initiatives will ultimately fail due to insufficient collaboration, integration, sourcing, or project management.1

The on-ramp to digital transformation is the cloud. Yet ‘the cloud’ is in fact multiple clouds, a mix of public and private clouds, plus datacenters that may not be cloudified, plus a large number of mini-datacenters spread across the enterprise edge at remote facilities and branch offices. This is the hybrid enterprise of today, seriously challenged by the complexity of the very technologies that are supposed to change everything.

Heroes emerge in a crisis. And they are emerging at enterprises across every industry and region of the world to meet the critical challenges of the cloud. Cloud heroes are business and IT professionals that defy traditional approaches to application delivery, networking, and performance management. They take a modern, cloud-first approach to meet business needs for agility, flexibility, and efficiency, and they make it work across their enterprise. They create innovative applications and services and respond to business change with simplicity and ease. And they arm themselves with solutions and partners that give them powers to see, secure, and optimize everything—in the cloud, on-premises, and across the edge.

Cloud heroes are far-seeing. They understand that the challenges are widespread and require a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to IT infrastructure to support seamless business. Cloud heroes work together across traditional siloes, departmental boundaries, geographic locations, and underlying complexity to accomplish the extraordinary.

Timothy Weaver, VP/CIO for Del Monte Foods, is such a cloud hero. He used a corporate reorganization as an opportunity to take Del Monte’s IT in a new direction. ‘It was important to have a lean and agile IT organization that was more about innovation and change than just ongoing maintenance and support of the existing environment,’ he says. Weaver’s strategy was to go all-cloud, but Del Monte quickly hit the roadblock of degraded application performance from the cloud. ‘Initially, performance was poor at some of the bandwidth-constrained sites,’ he says, ‘and we saw a slower uptake of some of the newer solutions we wanted to deploy.’

Weaver partnered with Riverbed to solve the performance problems. ‘At one of our large distribution facilities, people weren’t actively using some of the tools because of network performance issues. Since deploying Riverbed solutions, we’ve seen the adoption rate of those tools go up as application performance increases,’ says Weaver.

Weaver is also using Riverbed solutions to manage Del Monte’s hybrid network, which consists of both MPLS and Internet connections, with application-defined policies that direct applications over the optimal paths. With streamlined configuration and policy management, Weaver can efficiently leverage the entire hybrid infrastructure for better ROI. ‘With help from Riverbed, we’ve achieved the leanness, performance, and agility I wanted.’

That’s what a cloud hero does. Like Weaver, a cloud hero meets the complexity challenges of the hybrid enterprise with solutions that simplify and unify the infrastructure to accelerate and optimize delivery of applications and data. Like Weaver, a cloud hero rises to the occasion and brings new levels of agility, visibility, performance, and efficiency to the business. Like Weaver, a cloud hero takes a chance, breaks new ground, and makes a difference far beyond his or her traditional role. Long live the cloud hero!

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1 IDC FutureScape 2016


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