Twas the Network Before Christmas



Twas the network before Christmas, when all thro’ the WAN,

Not a packet was stirring, not even a port scan.

The cables were hung in the data center with care,

In the hopes that crosstalk would vanish into the air.

The servers were secure and nestled all snug in their racks,

Visibility with SteelCentral to warn of attacks.


And me with a tech brief, along with my network map,

Were working Christmas Eve on the IT budget gap.

When out of the switches there arose such a chatter,

My SteelCentral alerts told me what was the matter.

Then away to my monitor I flew like a flash,

Launched AppInternals and quickly opened the dash.


When, what to my inquiring eyes should appear,

SteelHead optimizing WAN traffic far and near.

Keeping my network traffic so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment that just couldn’t be it.


My SD-WAN SteelConnect was doing its thing,

Connecting all my sites and making them sing.

Auto VPN and one user interface,

All working perfectly, everything in its place.


SteelFusion, the zero IT branch solution,

So unique, there exists no substitution.

Projecting LUNs to ROBOs close and away,

Branch offices nev’r a slow network day.


More rapid than an optimized download, oh the packets they came,

The network whistled, and shouted, as I call’d them all by name:

‘Now! SteelCentral, now! SteelHead, now! SteelConnect and SteelFusion,

You’re my trusted Riverbed bundle, unwrap this confusion!’

And then in a twinkling, SteelCentral brightly lit up the roof,

Detecting activity of a possible network spoof.


Oddly, the packets were dress’d in red and white,

My senses were tingling, but not out of fright.

These packets weren’t malicious or meaning of harm,

They had just gotten trapped in the wrong server farm.

Then my Engineer Nick entered in with a bound,

‘I got a text alert and my feet hit the ground.’


Nick winked and smiled and went directly to his work,

He stopped the commotion; then turn’d with a big smirk.

‘Have a look, eight tiny bits and a sleigh,

With Riverbed’s help, we saved Christmas day!’

Then I heard him exclaim, as he walked out of sight,

‘Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.’


All of us at Riverbed wish you and your family a safe and happy Holiday season.


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