Twice Hawaiian Punch


The ability to keep remote office, branch office (ROBO) operations running smoothly is probably a critical part of maintaining your successful business operations. ROBO outages disrupt those smooth operations and can be very costly. What is the financial impact of severed connectivity or failed technology at your ROBOs? Maybe in the thousands per minute, perhaps even in the millions per hour.

How about those ROBO manual crash kits? My past includes managing several IT environments where we had manual processes in place for technology outages. More times than I can count on my hand I can tell you that the ROBO crash kits never came out, the ROBOs closed down until technology at the branch was fully operational again. The days of manual ‘crash kits’ for remote sites to continue business operations when technology fails seems to have the relevance of using token ring networking in modern day infrastructures.

We all have backup though, right? Even with sound backup practices, business continuity strategies and disaster recovery procedures in place, your exposure to prolonged ROBO downtime and potential data loss is very possible.

When dealing with your ROBO operations, don’t feel like you are the only one stranded on an isolated tropical Island in regards to minimizing losses due to technology outages. The potential for loss at the ROBO is an industry-wide issue that until recently has been addressed by implementing expensive and redundant internet connections combined with costly and administrative intensive hardware and software products.

Several questions to ask yourself:

What is the potential loss-factor associated with technology downtime at your branch locations?

What is the downtime threshold that would cause an emergency board meeting?

When was the last time you tested and evaluated your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)?

What if you had an easy to deploy solution that could provide you with a branch office to data center redundant architecture that included the ability to recover in a fraction of your current RTO and have an almost instantaneous RPO?

Welcome to a beautiful sunrise!

Riverbed SteelFusion is the first and only hyper-converged infrastructure purpose-built for the efficient management of ROBOs. SteelFusion combines storage delivery, server virtualization and industry-leading hybrid WAN optimization technologies into one, eliminating the need for physical servers, storage and backup infrastructure at ROBO locations. Only SteelFusion can centrally protect 100% of a company’s data in the secure data center, while still delivering the application performance required by remote workers to get business done. SteelFusion also delivers the unique ability to instantly provision new services, and entirely new branches, as well as the ability to recover from remote outages, all from the central data center. All of this ultimately leads to dramatic increases in data security, business continuity, agility and operational efficiency.

To learn more, Riverbed, Hyper-converged Edge.

The waves come a crashing

When the unforeseen happens, with SteelFusion you will be able to restore your branch operations wikiwiki. SteelFusion has the built in resiliency to recover from data center outages as well as disasters at ROBO locations.

The following video demonstrates how branch operations can continue as normal when failing over from a SteelFusion Core at one data center to another geographically diverse data center as well as how quick and easy it is to recreate a branch environment SteelFusion Edge at an entirely different geographic location.

How about a twice Hawaiian Punch

For more information on SteelFusion and disaster recovery please see my colleague’s shaka (excellent) blog.

A day at the beach with friends

SteelFusion and hoaalohas (friends) gives you a reason to celebrate. With all the Riverbed solutions attending it’s bound to be one heck of a luau.

SteelHead: The premier destination for WAN optimization, reduce your network traffic by up to 97%. When SteelFusion and SteelHead work in tandem, the end users have an amazing experience and your WAN has abundant waves available for digital surfing.

SteelCentral: Gain visibility into all your application and networking traffic including the end user experience.  Think of it as digital snorkeling for humuhumunukunukuapuaa.

SteelConnect: Easily connect your ROBOS and data centers together with the industry leading SD-WAN solution no matter what island you are on.

SteelFusion is built to withstand a one-two punch and keep on delivering data to your ROBO at incredible speeds. Volcanoes and tropical storms, we’ve got you covered. So kick back Hawaiian style, and enjoy a beautiful trip on the SteelFusion highway. At Riverbed we like things fast, sometimes though, it’s nice just to hang loose.

SteelFusion, a ‘Wickid’ ROBO Solution


*Photos credit: Olivia Varga, 2017


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