Riverbed Sees Inside VMware NSX Virtualized Networks




Why spin up individual VMs when you can create a whole network of connected VMs?

That’s what VMware NSX technology does. Think of it as a hypervisor for each of your software-defined data center networks—one for sales, one for HR, one for engineering, and so on.

Whether you’re a service provider, deliver SaaS, or have internal or external customer Riverbed NetProfiler and VMware NSXnetworks, you can create virtual network offices for just about any type of network.

We know what you’re thinking:

“Please don’t mess with what we have now, we’ve spent a lot of time and resources getting our current infrastructure to work.”

“And besides, how are we going to monitor these networks?”

Most of us know from experience that IT staff typically gets a little nervous around change and will let you know right away. They typically only like to manage what they know instead of relying on the advice of some whipper snapper engineer telling them how straightforward and easy it’s going to be.

Let’s admit, networks have become extremely complex lately and one little change can send IT staff into long hours of troubleshooting while the rest of us get to go home and relax.

Seeing the VXLAN traffic

Virtual network traffic is carried over VXLANs. To provide visibility into these VXLAN tunnels, the NSX platform provides IPFIX information that has internal flow and external tunnel information. If your monitoring solution can decode the flow traffic reported by IPFIX, then you are good to go. Lots of vendors might be talking about this now while Riverbed has had the capability for two years now.

Seeing both the physical and virtual traffic associated with your VMware NSX virtualized environments will keep you from being blindsided by changes in your monitored network.

Check out his quick video on how it all works:

We’ll be at VMWorld 2014 this year presenting exclusively with VMware. Register for the session here: TEX2211 – Monitoring Network and Application Performance in NSX environment

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