VMworld 2016: Don’t Gamble with your WAN



Vegas Baby…

What happens in Vegas….well, doesn’t necessarily always need to stay in Vegas. Las Vegas is a great place to show off your current wares, new products and demonstrate how your company is adapting to the ever changing dynamics of a cloud centric world. I have been in the technology world long enough where I used to think a cloud was something that existed in the sky. Then one day I heard the word ‘cloud’ mentioned in relation to a hosted data center. I can’t recall after that first fateful cloud labeling how many times in meetings I heard, ‘let’s just move IT to the cloud’, like it’s a magical unicorn. The cloud however can be a tricky beast. I can’t imagine ‘let’s just move IT to the tricky beast’ as catching on anytime soon though, so against my greater wishes, cloud it is.

Speaking of magical animals, I was just recently at a large technical showcase event in Las Vegas trying to sneak a peek at what some of the things companies are putting out there for the next big thing in the cloud, advanced cloud infrastructure management solutions. The term for these cloud management solutions is software defined wide area network (SD-WAN). At the showcase I discovered some interesting creatures roaming around in the SD-WAN forest. There were solutions from different vendors that layered on top of each other, a solution that required the use of multiple product lines by the same company interconnecting with each other in a very complicated way and there were solutions for hybrid WAN/SD-WAN implementations on display as well, most of these however required disparate puzzle pieces to complete. SD-WAN is just coming into its own and there is a bit of unknowing with it, I would compare it to a dealer’s choice table and not knowing what the next deal is going to be. At this juncture, tightly defining SD-WAN is like winning big at roulette, good luck!

Now here is the part where you get dealt a Royal Flush.

That Royal Flush is an SD-WAN solution created by the company that pioneered WAN optimization, Riverbed. The product is called SteelConnect. SteelConnect is the industry’s first and only product to unify network connectivity and orchestration of application delivery across hybrid WANs, remote LANs and cloud networks. SteelConnect is designed to be easily deployed and centrally managed providing the performance and agility for application delivery that enterprises need today.

So from the company that has been making the WAN a less tricky place for the last 14 years with products like SteelHead, SteelFusion and SteelCentral comes SteelConnect. Riverbed’s Steel products continually set industry standards for other to follow. SteelConnect is the next player at the table that will set the pace of play.

Want to see SteelConnect in action and see to believe? Then come visit us at VMworld 2016, August 28 – September 1 in Las Vegas in booth #2011 and learn about physical and virtual network visibility with SteelCentral and VMware NSX, visibility and optimization for the hybrid cloud with SteelHead and SteelCentral, centralizing data and operations with SteelFusion and VMware Horizon 7 and how SteelConnect can provide you with a robust and easy to manage SD-WAN life. We are excited to show you how our wares are the winning cards for the cloud centric game that is playing out.

With the reality of the new hybrid WAN where applications are delivered across different infrastructures creating complex environments it is increasingly important to gain visibility and control over the data traversing the network. This is where Riverbed provides you with a great gaming experience.  When you sit at a Riverbed table, you know what you are going to be dealt:

  • Visibility: See everything that impacts the performance of any app—code, network, user experience—so you can detect and fix issues instantly.
  • Performance: Accelerate applications for exceptional end-user experience and maximum productivity with the lowest TCO
  • Agility: Simplify and speed up operations with a business-defined approach to IT
  • Security: Secure all applications and data to minimize risk and ensure business continuity.

It’s not by the luck of a roll of dice that more than 26,000 companies and 98% of the Forbes Global 100 rely on Riverbed to deliver superior application performance across their hybrid enterprise.

Hopefully the knowledge you obtain about Riverbed at VMworld on what we can do to make your WAN easily managed, quick and reliable goes home with you and doesn’t stay in Vegas. The other stuff, well, that can stay.

Don’t gamble with your WAN, let Riverbed be you plan.

Riverbed, I’m all in.


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