VMworld 2016, Living on the Edge


What an amazing turnout for the first time of having the event in Vegas! And what a great crowd we had throughout the event at the Riverbed booth. We also had fantastic content presenters and an amazing Illusionist. I am still trying to figure out how the illusionist was able to get a person in a box and then split the box in two. I will always remember how the illusionist paralleled the box split to what Riverbed is able to do with SteelFusion, projecting data center capabilities to the Edge with the Edge functioning as normal even when the link is severed.

What was my favorite part of being in Vegas for VMworld? Well, aside from what ‘stays in Vegas’ 😉 watching the reaction of the people who sat down for our presentations was definitely the best part. ‘I didn’t know Riverbed did that!’ was frequently overheard. People were visibly excited to see the many ways Riverbed can have major positive impacts on their business operations.

This was a VMworld show, so one of the major areas we focused on was how our SteelFusion solution can make a transformational difference for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) at the Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO). SteelFusion allows you to project your VDI from the data center to the ROBO, giving the ROBO site LAN speed instead of WAN (slow) speed VDI performance. It does all of this while still giving you all the benefits that VDI brings.

This is one heck of a way to live on the Edge; knowing that your ROBO VDI End User Experience (EUE) is extraordinaire, your data is redundant and that your ROBO will still be able to operate even with a WAN outage, how cool is that.

The SteelFusion VDI Application Testing results tell the story.  With SteelFusion in place, the ROBO VDI experience is now like the corporate office. Performance gains like this can dramatically increase end user satisfaction and production as well as reduce costs by taking traffic off the WAN.

Now that I have you on the ‘edge’ of your seat, SteelFusion also delivers your other core data center functions out to the ROBO including AD, DNS, File and Print Services. Combine SteelFusion with SteelHead, SteelCentral and SteelConnect and you bring your ability to monitor, optimize and manage your network to a whole new level. Deep Dive into the application and network traffic with SteelCentral. Optimize and streamline WAN traffic with SteelHead. Centrally manage your WAN and networking devices with SteelConnect. If all of this doesn’t knock you off the edge of your seat, I don’t know what will.

VMworld was in Vegas, so there has to be another story regarding living on the ‘other’ Edge—right. This should be the section where I talk about the ‘Lamborghini incident’ and all the ensuing mayhem we caused on the strip or maybe the huge wager we placed with our boss’s money. You know though, I think these stories are better left in Vegas.

The knowledge of how SteelFusion can deliver huge benefits to your ROBO infrastructure along with learning the advantages of implementing all the Riverbed solutions into your environment: SteelHead, SteelCentral and SteelConnect is the story that you should go home with.

With SteelFusion providing your ROBO with complete enterprise capabilities you can truly be Living on the Edge (LOE).

SteelFusion, LOE.  

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