VMworld 2015 Key Takeaway – Riverbed and VMware Agree that the Future is Hybrid


After a few action packed days at VMworld 2015, it is clear that VMware is all in on Hybrid Cloud and Network Virtualization. It is also clear that Riverbed and VMware are aligned in a vision that the future of IT will be driven by software and will be a hybrid of on-premise and cloud workloads.

Hybrid Clouds will Require Hybrid Networks. At VMworld, a large focus was around how VMware is paving the way to true hybrid clouds and network virtualization with their recent announcements around vCloud Air and NSX. VMware understands that networking can often be a key barrier to realizing the benefits of the hybrid cloud because that the adoption of virtualization, cloud services, rich media applications and SaaS applications across the enterprise complicates network traffic and application delivery, thus straining traditional networks. Riverbed understands these network challenges as well and has the best solutions in the industry for managing the new complexities of these hybrid networks.

A hybrid network—when controlled by Riverbed hybrid networking and path selection for SteelHead solutions − combines MPLS, private and public Internet to increase available bandwidth, application performance and network reliability at the lowest cost possible. It allows organizations to have the benefits of a hybrid network without the underlying complexity.

How else are Riverbed and VMware working together?

  1. Riverbed SteelFusion is revolutionizing how enterprises architect branch offices and remote locations, eliminating the need for servers and storage and enabling Zero Branch IT. SteelFusion runs vSphere in all edge locations and can also accelerate and increase security for VMware Horizon View and vCloud Air.
  2. Riverbed SteelHead is the industry leading WAN Optimization solution and can accelerate vSphere data replication and vMotion, Horizon View desktops, and vCloud Air workloads.
  3. Riverbed SteelCentral is the only end-to-end solution that combines user experience, application, and network visibility—including into VMware NSX—to detect and resolve issues before end users notice.


Please visit the Riverbed + VMware solutions page for more information on Riverbed + VMware joint solutions – and see you at VMworld 2016!

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