What is the network impact of VMware Horizon Mirage?


Managing desktops has long been a huge challenge – and security risk – for IT. While there is an appeal in the idea of locking up all the desktops in the data center and providing access through VDI, the reality is that there are still many users for which that model is not appropriate. So, that still leaves the challenge of managing desktops.

Enter VMware Horizon Mirage. The desktop image management software supports physical and virtual desktops to help with Windows migrations, BYOD, and desktop data protection. But when you deploy Horizon Mirage in a remote office, that involves pushing out updates and pulling back backups over the WAN.

Check out this video with Faisal Memon (@fymemon) to hear how Riverbed SteelHead can help Horizon Mirage deployments, by:

  • reducing the bandwidth utilized by updates
  • accelerating the transfer of files and backups
  • allowing you to send bulky backups over Internet transport, while using MPLS for mission-critical applications

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