Is World Cup Streaming Media Crowding Out Your Business-Critical Apps?



With the overwhelming popularity of this year’s World Cup in Brazil, a lot of IT pros have been on the losing side of the field while trying to fix and reallocate bandwidth in competition with streaming video. We’ll avoid calling it soccer or football in this post and stick to the bandwidth concern. 

Let’s admit that folks in your branch offices will be catching up a little on the games during work hours. That’s a fact you can’t escape from and why should you?

The World Cup is a worthy pursuit of break time in the office as opposed to some of the more nefarious activities you’ve uncovered online in the past. Just sayin’.

Anyway, your having branch office WAN optimization and network and app visibility in place is what makes a huge difference in the productivity of all your employees no matter what they are doing.

Don’t let streaming World Cup video kill your apps

Use these basic steps to fix any World Cup streaming video scenarios that you have:

  1. Allocate bandwidth and accelerate application traffic with Riverbed® SteelHead
  2. Collect flow data and baseline the current traffic for built-in analysis and alerting with Riverbed SteelCentral™ NetProfiler
  3. Identify which applications are business critical versus recreational traffic that might not need the same priority
  4. Use QoS traffic shaping your Riverbed Steelhead to prioritize traffic so that business critical traffic does not get crowded out
  5. In the event of degraded performance, use Riverbed path selection to reroute applications through secondary network links

Using this approach, your branch office is always ready to handle the capacity it has at any time of day. The business-critical apps get their full attention and the other apps that might also be critical but not have as much of an impact if they are a bit slower get lower priority.

With Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler (formerly Cascade) and SteeHead, you get the complete visibility and app acceleration solution at the branch office. With a deep packet inspection (DPI) engine helping you see the traffic and what traffic is running on which port over what protocol, you can quickly fine tune your traffic shaping policies at the branch office.

For more information, see this demonstration video:

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