Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Manage Applications

Leverage application performance management and monitoring to gain real-time visibility into the end-user experience, infrastructure and applications. Diagnose application performance problems down to the offending code, SQL, web service, network, or system resource.


Network-based application performance helps Crayola keep network staff small while being proactive about network problems and line usage.


Partner Solution

Partner Solution

See Riverbed and Microsoft partner solution for SteelHead.

Use Cases

End-to-End Experience Monitoring

Monitor your end-users’ application performance experience and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Application Troubleshooting

Minimize the risk of errors and outages by updating applications and understanding interdependencies as implementations become more complex.

Application Component Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your components, servers, network devices, and storage systems, and gather the insights to enable immediate fixes.

End-to-End Transaction Tracing

End users interact with your application in many ways. Different kinds of transactions are more or less popular. To focus on optimizing the most important transactions, you need to visualize how your application behaves based on any given unique transaction.

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