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Effectively managing application performance in today’s hybrid enterprise requires deep and broad visibility across complex networks and hosting environments. Enterprises often take a fragmented approach to managing applications.

SteelCentral Portal brings everything together in a single pane of glass, eliminating the war room approach to address performance issues that often take months to fix or never get fixed.

Applications play a prominent role in the success of most enterprises. In a very real sense, applications are their business. Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst, Network Management

Managing performance in a hybrid world?

Application performance equals business performance and visibility into application performance is critical for organization’s today.  But visibility is increasingly difficult to achieve with today’s complex IT environments and applications, which often span traditional data centers, third-party hosting facilities, branch offices, mobile devices, and SaaS and IaaS-based clouds.

To manage the application performance, most IT organizations address performance issues in a “war room” where cross-domain teams come together to troubleshoot problems. Each of these domains – network, applications, infrastructure, end-user experience –has its own set of tools leaving IT with a fragmentary, incomplete view of performance.  As a result, IT engineers spend a lot of time analyzing data and metrics but arrive at different and often conflicting conclusions on the cause of performance problems.

Features and benefits of SteelCentral Portal

"SteelCentral Portal provides our clients with true end-to-end end visibility into application performance, network performance, and end-user experience which is very compelling. In addition, it enables all IT teams, whether focused on the network or applications, to get information faster, and easier.”  
– Gary Middleton, Global Business Development Manager, Dimension Data

Riverbed SteelCentral Portal integrates data from Riverbed’s industry-leading SteelCentral and SteelHead solutions to create a centralized, dynamic view of an enterprise’s application performance environment. This holistic view gives operational teams a single source of truth for application performance, accelerating troubleshooting, and providing meaningful data for stakeholders throughout the enterprise. Ultimately, IT is able to efficiently control and optimize application, data and traffic across the entire hybrid network, keeping key resources focused on strategic projects.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved stakeholder visibility for network, infrastructure, end-user experience and application performance 
  • Rapid resolution of operational issues 
  • Efficient use of resources across IT 
  • Focus IT resources on strategic initiatives, not firefighting

Free Trial: 30-day Free Trial of SteelCentral Portal

See the Complete Picture

SteelCentral Portal brings visibility into and control over end-user experience, application performance, and network performance together in one easy-to-use collaborative tool.  As a result, you will improve business performance & productivity, reduce the risk of business disruption, and improve delivery of strategic IT initiatives.

How It Works

Riverbed SteelCentral Portal uniquely blends data from all relevant sources into a single, actionable source of truth for stakeholders. These sources include Riverbed’s industry-leading visibility tools: SteelCentral AppInternals and AppResponse for APM data, NetAuditor, NetProfiler, NetSensor and UCExpert for NPM data, and SteelHead for additional performance telemetry.

SteelCentral Portal uniquely integrates this cross-domain data to create a dynamic map of application performance. Different teams can get a complete picture of the application environment at any level, which helps to more rapidly diagnose and fix service issues.



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Partner Solution

Partner Solution

Dimension Data and Riverbed deliver optimized network and application performance.

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