Detect and Fix Application Issues in Seconds

Take Control of Application Performance

Applications are the engine of business performance. Underperforming applications impact employee productivity, product revenues, and customer satisfaction. Half of all enterprises experience application outages several times a month, but diagnosing and fixing application monitoring issues can be complex.

With Riverbed's SteelCentral application performance monitoring software, you can stop playing the blame game and truly collaborate to build, release and support your applications. SteelCentral provides a complete application performance monitoring solution for your web, mobile, and packaged applications. It delivers performance insights that expose and diagnose bottlenecks within the application, network, or infrastructure that can help you fix them before users are impacted.

How Application Performance Monitoring works
  • Comprehensive Performance Analytics

    Get end user experience, application, infrastructure and network performance insights to expose and diagnose all problems.

  • Most Accurate Diagnostics

    Reconstruct and diagnose incidents in great detail to troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly.

  • Proactive Performance Improvement

    Use powerful, on-demand analytics to expose and fix bugs or anomalies before they result in slowdowns or outages.

  • Flexibility for Today’s Hybrid Enterprise

    Deploy in minutes to monitor applications on and off the cloud using all-software or appliance-based products.


Proactive Care for a Healthy Network
Lehigh Valley Health Network uses AppResponse, Transaction Analyzer, and AppInternals for end-to-end application performance management.


Partner Solution

Partner Solution

With Riverbed, Microsoft’s professional collaborative tools enable optimal productivity by eliminating network challenges.

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