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Move From Reactive to Proactive

Virtually anything that touches an application can affect performance. The network is commonly the first point of blame; however, there are a multitude of common culprits— application code, application architecture, user endpoints, and more. IT organizations typically build their performance management capabilities around point solutions that only give a view into certain aspect of application performance, with no end-to-end monitoring perspective. Without a centralized view of your network and applications, planning for the future will be left to estimations and guesswork.

Riverbed® SteelCentral is changing the way your team can manage performance. It delivers powerful performance management technologies in a single console to help you improve visibility into your application delivery infrastructure and identify and correct problems before they impact end users and business performance.

  • End-to-End Network Performance Monitoring

    Get the complete picture with end-to-end visibility and analytics, integrated troubleshooting capabilities, planning and configuration management, and visibility into the end-user and application experience.

  • Application Performance Monitoring

    Manage apps with continuous transaction capture, code-level metrics, and advanced root-cause analysis across technology stacks and application tiers.

  • Unified Console

    Aggregate all NPM and APM metrics into role-relevant dashboards providing a single source of performance truth.



A Proactive Application Performance Check-up
Riverbed SteelCentral helps Hemit to analyze, diagnose, and resolve application performance issues.



Insuring Optimal Performance
Allianz improves the performance of IT to enhance productivity and customer loyalty.


Partner Solution

Partner Solution

Dimension Data partners with Riverbed for network solutions that address complex IT performance challenges on a global basis.

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