Rethink Branch IT. Think Zero Branch IT.


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A Better Approach to Branch IT

Hyper-converged edge

Branch offices or locations away from headquarters are where business truly gets done. A recent Riverbed survey revealed that on average, nearly half of all employees of mid-to-large sized enterprises work in these remote locations. This is where revenue is generated, so IT must ensure that branches always have the applications and services they need to stay productive.

Studies show that approximately half of company data resides in remote locations, often far away from the secure data center. Securing and backing up this data in the branch is a major challenge for IT departments. In fact, support of branch and remote locations represents roughly 50% of the IT budget. Even so, organizations struggle to deploy new applications and services and often can’t quickly recover from branch outages.

With the industry-first Hyper-converged Edge infrastructure, Riverbed offers a new and better approach to branch IT: Zero Branch IT.

  • No servers. No storage. No backup.
  • Instant provisioning. Instant recovery.
  • Complete security. Full visibility.
  • Apps that simply work.

Branch IT Challenges

Branch IT Challenges addressed by Hyper Converged Edge Infrastructure

With SteelFusion Hyper Converged Edge Infrastructure, you can:

  • Secure and protect all branch data in the data center without compromising local performance or availability at the branch

  • Instantly deploy new branch services or entirely new branch sites

  • Instantly recover from a branch outage with little or no data loss

  • Do all of the above with centralized management out of the data center


SteelFusion provides technology foundation for Kentucky’s statewide IT modernization effort



SteelFusion Transforms Branch IT
With SteelFusion, Mazzetti achieves cost savings, better data protection, and reduced staffing requirements.



Riverbed helps this manufacturing company centralize resources and achieve substantial savings.


Partner Solution

Riverbed partners are developing innovative solutions that solve complex business problems, open new markets, and create new revenue opportunities.

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