Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions for VMware VDI, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and more

Our virtual desktop infrastructure solutions help accelerate access to virtual desktops and applications such as VMware VDI no matter where users are located. Scale application delivery infrastructure for high availability of desktops and applications. Unlock visibility for faster troubleshooting and enhanced planning. Improve user experience while driving high user adoption and flexibility.



Your users are accessing virtualized applications from around the globe, but latency and bandwidth constraints are causing poor performance. Sometimes, desktops and applications are unusably slow. Our solutions streamline user connections to virtual applications and desktops, prioritizing latency-sensitive traffic and accelerating applications, and even supporting a local speed virtual desktop infrastructure and virtual desktop architecture.

The result: users remain productive while data and virtualized applications are managed in the data center.


Your users need access to their virtualized applications and desktops to stay productive, regardless of how many other users are connecting or if network connections become unavailable. But supporting additional infrastructure for peak demand and in all user locations is expensive and inefficient. Our solutions improve security and availability by centralizing virtual desktop data into data centers and scaling virtual desktops during "boot storms."

The result: virtual desktops that are centrally managed and controlled, as well as highly available.


If organizations hope to reap the full benefit of running virtual desktops, they must have the ability to closely monitor user performance, and detect problems before they arise. Fine-grained visibility is critical to understanding where and why performance issues are occurring; and to safeguard end user productivity. Our solutions find network problems earlier; keeping virtual desktop infrastructure environments running at peak efficiency; providing broad and  deep visibility and full analytical support.

The result: satisfied users for increased adoption rates.

Works With

Virtually any desktop and application virtualization software

By addressing numerous underlying application and infrastructure bottlenecks, our solutions provide performance enhancement to any TCP-based application. For remote desktop and application protocols, like RDP, ICA, and PCoIP, we can help optimize and prioritize that traffic. Below are a few specific examples of desktop and application virtualization software that we support:


To assure end users will be provided acceptable quality of experience and readily adopt VDI solutions, it is essential that every aspect of the supporting VDI infrastructure be both highly available and high performing. The joint solutions offered by Riverbed and VMware helps organizations get the most out of their VMware View deployments by overcoming the performance and scalability barriers of delivering virtual desktops over wide area networks (WANs). The Riverbed SteelFusion solution, used in conjunction with Riverbed Steelhead, is a powerful approach to optimizing VDI for the branch. Finally, Riverbed performance monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities provide necessary visibility for planning and supporting VDI deployments. Learn more:
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Citrix virtual desktop and application solutions reduce IT administration costs by virtualizing, centralizing and delivering legacy Windows applications as a service. However, it introduces IT challenges when it comes to accelerating and troubleshooting performance issues. Our breakthrough performance management solutions  enable end-to-end visibility and continuous monitoring of user transactions traversing a Citrix Server. Further, our SteelHead WAN optimization solutions accelerates ICA traffic as much as 90% over WANs. Learn more:

White Paper: Troubleshooting CitrixXenApp Environments 


Microsoft offers a range of desktop and application virtualization solutions. For VDI and remote application sessions, Remote Desktop Services and Terminal Services (Windows Server 2008 and earlier) use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). App-V provides local application isolation with central management. Our SteelHead WAN optimization solutions reduce the bandwidth consumption and accelerates transfers of RDP and App-V packages over the wide area network.

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