For organizations that want to deliver the best end user experience, SteelHead CX for Virtual optimizes the performance of all applications including on-premises, cloud, and SaaS across Hybrid WANs (MPLS, private VPN and public Internet).  

SteelHead CX 1555V is a scalable solution that delivers the best application performance along with application, network and end user visibility. It also offers simplified control management of users, applications and networks based on business requirements and decisions.  

See for yourself.  Get started with your free 90-day evaluation of CX 1555V today.

With SteelHead CX for Virtual you get:

  • A virtual solution for major hypervisors including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM.
  • Support for up to 1 million connections through an intelligent and scale-as-you-grow performance architecture
  • IT control with quality of service (QoS), path selection and secure transport features
  • Increased visibility with end-user monitoring for all optimized traffic on premises and optimized web and SaaS applications
  • Dynamic selection of the best application path based on network availability
  • Reduced latency with integrated video-ready web caching
  • Subscription-based cloud solution that accelerates 90% of major cloud providers and is certified for Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud Air
Model VCX1555
Configurations L M H
Optimized WAN Capacity 50 Mbps 100 Mbps(c)
Optimized TCP and UDP flows 3,000 4,500 6,000
QoS Bandwidth(a) 100 Mbps
QoS Rules/Classes(b)


Disk Capacity Advised 438 GB
Max Data Store Capacity 400 GB
Virtual CPUs Required (min) 4 x @ 1.2Ghz
Reserved Memory Required 8 GB
Riverbed has essentially enabled us to do more with our existing IT infrastructure. This has resulted in a significant improvement in employee productivity. The time taken to back up data has been reduced by 70% and data is now more secured.
Mohammed Abu-Nejim
Head of Data Networks

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深受 30,000 个世界一流品牌的信赖

深受 30,000 个世界一流品牌的信赖
深受 30,000 个世界一流品牌的信赖
深受 30,000 个世界一流品牌的信赖
深受 30,000 个世界一流品牌的信赖