Get the Most Out of Your Enterprise O365 Investment

Enterprise SaaS Performance with Riverbed SaaS Accelerator Deep Dive

Thursday, 26 March, 2020 11am AEDT

Live with latency while maximizing the user experience of big-investment apps such as O365, with Riverbed SaaS Accelerator.

As part of a corporate-wide, cloud-first strategy, 80% of enterprises are actively using and deploying Microsoft O365 to achieve greater collaboration and efficiency across highly distributed workforces.  However, in an effort to make sure O365 performance is always as fast, reliable and consistent as we want it to be, it begs the question:

How can enterprises get the most value from their O365 investment?

We will address the increasing unpredictability of modern application performance brought about by always-changing network latency.

You will gain insight on:

  • Why enterprises should care
  • How to deploy the service - overview and demonstration
  • How to prepare end-user devices for acceleration 
  • How to validate the benefits for your business 

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