Future-Proofing Your Edge with Riverbed

Today’s Riverbed enables businesses to push boundaries and fundamentally rethink what is possible with a unified and integrated portfolio of digital performance solutions purpose-built to dramatically accelerate business outcomes at the edge.

Over the last 15 years, Riverbed has been helping its customers achieve better business performance by making applications, websites, networks, data centers, and remote offices work better. In today’s digital era, Riverbed continues to apply that performance know-how by helping organizations take better advantage of the cloud while also addressing speed, reliability, and security gaps that are often of concern at the edge.

The Riverbed Cloud Edge helps to future-proof the enterprise edge with a fully-integrated, software-defined, and easily extensible solution that eliminates complex, legacy approaches to edge networking, compute, and storage. Through this solution, Riverbed helps put IT back in control no matter where business is happening, by increasing business agility and velocity, ensuring business continuity, and delivering the best possible user experience to employees and customers alike.

The Cloud Edge solution delivers a unique set of capabilities that transform edge IT for the cloud-first digital era:

Future Proofing Diagram
Future Proofing Diagram
An extensible services platform for tighter integration and easier management of critical third-party services
Future Proofing Diagram
Edge data services to protect data and simplify and accelerate IT operations
Future Proofing Diagram
SD-WAN for simplifying hybrid network design, management and cloud connectivity
Future Proofing Diagram
Integrated WAN optimization to accelerate cloud, SaaS and on-premises apps
Future Proofing Diagram
Performance monitoring for apps, networks, and user experience, on and off the cloud
Future Proofing Diagram
Secure and scalable Wi-Fi connectivity for users and IoT

The Riverbed Cloud Edge comprises four main components:


SteelFusion is an extensible edge services platform that includes patented technology purpose-built to simplify and accelerate edge IT operations, deliver unsurpassed data security, and optimized application performance for the most critical edge sites, all without traditional trade-offs. With the SteelFusion Software-Defined Edge solution, you can:

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SteelFusion Diagram
  • Converge remote storage, server, backup, optimization and networking infrastructure into a single 1U or 2U device (also available for high availability)
  • Extend data center and cloud infrastructure investments to every edge in the business, regardless of distance
  • Secure 100% of your company’s edge data in the data center or public cloud while delivering optimized application performance over any network
  • Encrypt all data at rest and in flight
  • Provision new remote services, line of business applications, and entirely new sites in minutes
  • Eliminate all remote backup operations, and achieve near real-time RPO and significantly reduce RTO in the case of a site outage
  • Minimize the operational costs associated with remote expert staff, power, real estate and maintenance
  • Process and secure incremental data associated with digital applications (IoT)

SteelConnect is a revolutionary application-defined SD-WAN solution. It provides an intelligent and simplified approach to designing, deploying and managing distributed networks for today’s cloud-centric world. SteelConnect leverages the principles of software-defined control to provide:

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SteelConnect Diagram
  • Simple yet powerful workflows for policy definition based on a new set of primitives to reflect the natural language of business: Applications, Users, Sites, Performance and Security
  • Single-click setup of SD-WAN and application acceleration capabilities in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud environments
  • User-to-server control, wherever the user (static or mobile) or server (cloud or on-premises) might be
  • Scalability for large environments, including data centers. No rip-and-replace needed
  • Integrated application acceleration and visibility capabilities, provided as a single-box, dual-box, virtual or cloud-based solution

SteelCentral provides visibility into your users’ experience. SteelCentral enables you to understand performance levels, resolve performance issues and improve service performance. It is the only end-to-end solution that blends device-based end-user experience, infrastructure, application, and network monitoring to give you a holistic view of your users’ digital experience.

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SteelCentral Diagram

Xirrus Wi-Fi is the industry’s most powerful cloud-enabled Wi-Fi that is designed to dynamically adapt to real-time demands of all users, applications and IoT connectivity, ensuring high-quality experiences in any environment.

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