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Our solutions enable you to provide your remote users with quality viewing and efficient creation, delivery, and consumption of live and on-demand video. Utilize intelligent policy based traffic control for predictable levels of performance. Scale video applications for high availability during peak usage. Spotlight video performance problems in real-time so you can solve them faster.

Video Optimization


Video is one of the most impactful communication vehicles organizations use for employee training, broadcast of live events, digital signage and video conferencing. However, real-time applications like video - a bandwidth intensive application - can disrupt the network by slowing down other business-critical applications resulting in user complaints at branch offices. On demand videos hosted centrally are large files to transmit over the network, leaving remote workers waiting unproductively. Our solutions optimize video streaming, simplify video distribution, and reduce network strain without costly upgrades while delivering a predictable user experience.

The result: cost effective video delivery with optimized user experience.

Scalability and Control

The increasing dependency on data-rich video content for employee engagement has the potential to overload enterprise data centers and slow down end user productivity, particularly during peak usage. Our solutions provide the power and flexibility to prioritize video and other real-time traffic while dynamically provisioning and scaling application delivery controller resources from the data center to the cloud for maximum availability and scalability.

The result: maximize end user productivity without degrading network performance.

Visibility and Troubleshooting

A poor video experience can quickly lead to dissatisfied employees and a high volume of help desk calls. Our solutions monitor thousands of video streams in real-time, and detect video quality problems efficiently and proactively by isolating the root cause of poor-quality video flow and remote testing and control of video endpoints with an end-to-end view of application performance, from end-user experience monitoring, network flow and packet analysis, to transaction tracing and component monitoring.

The result: more efficient and effective IT with faster troubleshooting and response times.

Works With

Live streaming, video conferencing, and on-demand video applications

By addressing numerous underlying application and infrastructure bottlenecks, Our solutions provide performance enhancement with quality-of-service (QoS) and other optimizations. A few specific examples of video applications, with more details about how we can help, include:


As more enterprises embrace the use of video within their business processes, the need to effectively create, manage and distribute video is increasing in value and importance. Polycom and Riverbed have partnered to develop a joint solution that reduces WAN video traffic by as much as 98% while providing a simple way to create live video, record it, and automatically archive the resulting video broadcast.


Qumu and Riverbed have combined forces to enable a high performance enterprise streaming media solution that distributes live and on demand video with central control and WAN optimization. Organizations can leverage the power of video to increase productivity while reducing network congestion, simplifying video distribution and centralized control and consolidatoin of edge video services on the Riverbed VSP and the Qumu VideoNet platform.

Customer Case Study: A Riverbed Technology and Qumu Solution Case Study

Adbobe Flash

Adobe Flash has a major presence in enterprises that depend on rich media content to improve communications with employees, partners and customers. With one-click configuration, Riverbed solutions provide more efficient video delivery for Adobe Flash with live stream splitting that detects when multiple viewers are trying to watch the exact same live video stream, and splits the stream to only one copy of the live video stream across the WAN no matter how many users have tuned in.

Technical Brief: Adobe Flash and RiOS 7.0

Blog Post: Live video stream splitting over HTTP

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