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With WAN Optimization, we knew the speed gain would be at least 40 percent, at a lower cost and with simpler modifications in the ITC infrastructure. - Carlos Alberto Lage, Land Coordinator of Information Technology and Communication (ITC), Petrobras
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As worldwide demands for energy solutions rise due to population growth and quality of life improvements, the energy industry will continue to realize significant growth and change. Meanwhile, many utility providers are struggling to balance new development and the maintenance of an aging distribution infrastructure against government and industry regulations, as well as a consumer base that is very sensitive to price increases.

Riverbed enables oil and gas companies to more efficiently operate in a complex global network of upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Riverbed energy solutions address challenges in managing diverse business functions, with exploration and production increasingly located in remote regions that are only accessible by satellite communications. Clean and renewable energy segments are positioned for massive expansion, with many next generation facilities in planning, public review, construction, and the development of new transmission corridors. Riverbed solutions enhance collaboration on proposals and help speed projects to completion.

Riverbed delivers performance for the globally connected enterprise, enabling energy and utility organizations to implement strategic initiatives that provide:

  • Visibility into application performance worldwide, including offshore platforms
  • Increased collaboration and information sharing between consultants and project owners
  • Consolidation and the reduction of IT and ITC footprints in remote and rugged sites
  • Streamlined connectivity for more scale from limited, long-distance networks
  • Business continuity enhancements built on improved data protection and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Increased productivity, with better application performance and communications for a distributed workforce

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