Technology Solutions to Improve Time to Market


The average response time for our ERP application in Germany was about 70 seconds, but we’ve now reduced it down to two or three seconds. We don’t hear the user complaints any more. - Jason Dickens, Enterprise Infrastructure Manager, Flow International
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Companies in the manufacturing, industrial, and technology sectors all benefit from Riverbed’s technology solutions and manufacturing solutions that are deployed to improve time-to-market, reduce operational costs, and drive down risk. In today’s economic environment where time to market matters, there are a few common strategies for success, including: differentiate on quality or functionality, build and distribute products more cost efficiently, or radically innovate to find a new, underserved market niche.

Riverbed products and services increase business’s competitiveness on a global scale, improving business performance for research and development, supply chain, production, distribution, back office, sales, marketing, and support. Even for companies with long product development cycles, Riverbed can help enable faster response times to changing market conditions and demands.

Riverbed’s manufacturing solutions, industrial solutions and technology solutions ensure that IT initiatives contribute to the bottom line in the following ways:

  • Research and development is more efficient through faster and easier collaboration.
  • Knowledge worker and support staff productivity is increased with responsive applications.
  • Infrastructure can be centralized and consolidated for reduced costs and administration.
  • Remote office and production facilities enjoy the same performance as headquarters.
  • Supply chain, enterprise resource planning, and customer resource management systems become more efficient.
  • Continuous quality improvement programs (Six Sigma, ISO9000/9001, etc.) are served.
  • Online ordering and corporate web sites are quicker and more resilient.
  • Business critical data is protected and ready for disaster recovery.

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