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Improving Application Performance Across the Hybrid WAN

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With many business-critical applications moving to public clouds, less than optimal performance for those cloud apps is unacceptable. Unfortunately, SaaS applications frequently experience slow performance and deliver a less-than-optimal user experience due to the distance between the cloud and the user.

SteelHead identifies over 1300 on-premises and SaaS applications – more than any other optimization provider. With SteelHead SaaS, Riverbed accelerates the delivery of the widest variety of industry-leading SaaS applications, including Box, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online,, ServiceNow and Success Factors. The result? Up to 33x faster application performance for cloud-based services/SaaS applications, a reduction in bandwidth up to 97%, and the ability to securely use the public Internet.

And now with flexible SaaS licensing, all supported SaaS applications can be optimized with a single license, and new applications added with a click of a button. Subscriptions are based on the number of users supported, with no restriction as to which SaaS apps are optimized.

SteelHead also enables accelerated application delivery in 90% of public cloud environments with support for Microsoft Azure (certified), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and VMware ESX-hosted clouds and vCloud Air (certified).

With SteelHead solutions, you receive the same business benefits for SaaS applications and cloud as you do with Riverbed optimization of on-premises enterprise applications − Performance and Agility.

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  • Optimized experience

    Improve application performance up to 33x faster for cloud services and SaaS applications while reducing bandwidth use by up to 97%.

  • Global application performance

    Deliver location-independent SaaS optimization for a global workforce to accommodate user, client, and application mobility.

  • Scalable control

    Support dynamic scaling that accommodates an increase in user connections and automatically load balances based on the number of users.


Powering SaaS and Cloud performance
Schneider Electric transformed its IT infrastructure, increasing business agility, reducing costs, and accelerating application performance for 110,000 employees in 100 countries.

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