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Riverbed makes it easy to manage your networks from a single, powerful dashboard. Streamline your operations and boost efficiency with cloud-to-edge provisioning, orchestration and visibility. Zero-touch provisioning and centralized network orchestration simplifies IT/OT functions even more.

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Analyst Report

IDC Names Riverbed Xirrus “Major Player” in Enterprise WLAN

IDC Names Riverbed Xirrus “Major Player” in Enterprise WLAN

XMS-Enterprise Product Brief

Powerful insights into your Wi-Fi from a single console

XMS-Cloud Product Brief

CommandCenter Product Brief

Intuitive multi-tenant platform for distributed enterprises and MSPs

XS Enterpise product brief

EasyPass Product Brief

One simple yet powerful access suite for users, guests, BYOD and IoT

Command center product brief

XMS-Cloud Product Brief

Complete visibility and control from anywhere

EasyPass Product brief


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